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This Doja Cat music video was turned into an interactive, codable music vid

We’re taking a different approach to Cool Tech this week. Instead of a buzzworthy piece of hardware, let’s talk about programming. Or rather, a fun introduction into computer science, thanks to Doja Cat and Girls Who Code.

The nonprofit organization that works to get more women interested in computer science tapped the American rapper to debut its “first ever” codable music video.

They turned Doja Cat’s Woman music video into an interactive experience. You can try it out over at When you tap on Begin, the site will inform you that you’re about to “code” a music video using three different languages (CSS, Javascript, and Python).

It will play just like Doja Cat’s original music video, but you’ll make decisions throughout it. As The Verge pointed out, it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure game but using code.

The music video will pause when you hit the coding challenges, allowing you to customize parts of the video by filling in the blanks besides lines of code. 

You can change Doja Cat’s nail color during one challenge using CSS. In another, you can edit a petal shower using Python. And you can tweak particle sizes in another with Javascript.

When you reach the end of the video, you get shareable snapshots of what each area looked like after you finished “coding” them. It doesn’t offer a comprehensive intro to programming, but that isn’t surprising. The project is intended to pique your curiosity regarding the different coding languages.

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