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instax mini 11 gets new look inspired by BTS’ chart-topper ‘Butter’

Fujifilm joins forces with BTS to launch a new look for the instax mini 11. This special edition instax camera gets a pop of buttery yellow and the smash-hit single’s iconic patterns of jewel graphics and heart motifs.

Army looking to express their love for the beloved K-Pop group get another way to do just that. Of course, Fujifilm is throwing in compatible instax mini BTS “Butter” instant film, which comes with a yellow border decorated by the “Butter” heart emblem.

In case you didn’t know, the instax mini 11 has features like Automatic Exposure, which adjusts the shutter speed and flash output for you when you press on the shutter button. It automatically takes your environment into consideration when it tweaks these settings. It also has a Selfie Mode that lets you check your reflection on the front-end edge of the lens before you take your shot.

Fujifilm Philippines hasn’t shared the local pricing yet. But we spotted a post on Henry’s Professional Photo’s Instagram account that puts its price at PHP 5,999 (around USD 119 converted) for the camera, a bundle of film, and even a cute strap. Henry’s is already accepting pre-orders for this limited edition instax. The instax mini 11 BTS Butter edition is supposedly launching on December 17.

In Canada, the camera is priced at CAD 129.99 (USD 103), while the film costs CAD 14.99 (USD 12). It’ll be available on Fujifilm Canada’s website later this month.