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How to use FaceTime on Android

When Apple launched iOS 15 earlier this year, one of the new features it introduced was the option for FaceTime to work on Android phones, Windows PCs, and potentially any device with a working browser.

So, if you’ve been trying to host online get-togethers with loved ones (especially season) that use tech that’s somewhat more platform-agnostic, Apple’s finally giving you that option.

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Let us walk you through how to set this up.

Open the FaceTime app, and at the top right corner, you should see the Create Link option. Tap on that to access a submenu with these options:

  • Add name: Make it recognizable, so those you’re meeting will know what the link is for. 
  • Share destinations: You’ll get options for where to send the link, including Apple Messages, Mail, AirDrop, and other messaging apps.
  • Copy link: If you’d prefer to share the link yourself, you can just add it to your phone’s clipboard.

How to join FaceTime calls

Now that you’ve created a link for your loved ones or colleagues, you can now teach them how to join the calls. (We’re kidding, sort of.) 

But you can send this guide to them to make it easier for all of you to be part of these calls or meetings.

Honestly, it won’t be too difficult. You just need to click or tap on the link you were sent. That will redirect you to your default browser. 

You will then be asked to Enter your name to join the conversation. Once you’ve done that, hit Continue. And then you’re in the call.

While in the FaceTime meeting/session, you’ll get options like mute and unmute audio, switch between rear and selfie cams, hide video, use-full screen mode, and leave the call. You will also get the option to turn on the grid layout to see all the participants simultaneously, similar to how it works on services like Zoom or Google Meet.

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