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Get ready for 2022 with these planners

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Life may be anything but predictable, but it pays to be prepared and have a plan. Or at least just have a space to remind yourself of all those appointments and important moments. And if you haven’t gotten your 2022 planner yet, we’re here to help you pick one up quickly. Here are six options we think you might like.

Stradmore DIY Monthly Planner

SRP: Starts at PHP 40

If you’re looking for a pocketable, quick glance at your upcoming month, Stradmore offers this DIY Monthly Planner. It comes in A4/A5/A6 options, so you get to choose what size works best for you.

Buy the Stradmore DIY Monthly Planner HERE. *

Young Adult Planner 2022

SRP: PHP 310

Here’s a planner to help our young adult readers plan and even help save and learn to invest in fun ways. There are things like a daily ipon tracker, a quarterly self-assessment checklist, budget tracker, vouchers, and even tips on Cryptocurrency.

Buy the Young Adult Planner 2022 HERE.

2022 Focus Journal

SRP: PHP 550

Goals are important, but you need to stay the course. The 2022 Focus Planner is designed to help you stay centered as you work on those goals. This planner doubles as a journal so you can keep all your thoughts, wishes, and plans in the same place.

Buy 2022 Focus Journal HERE.

365 Days Notebook Planner

SRP: PHP 599 Sale price: PHP 349

Plan your year with this cute 2022 notebook planner. It lets you jot down everything from annual, monthly to daily plans on cute illustrated pages. It’s certainly for those who want a cute planner to carry around this year.

Buy the 365 Days Notebook Planner HERE.

2022 Spiral Notebook Planner

SRP: PHP 760 Sale price: PHP 380

If a spiral planner is more your thing, here’s an option for you. You get monthly and weekly views, along with space to write your notes or to-do list. Stay on top of your tasks with this pretty planner.

Buy 2022 Spiral Notebook Planner HERE.

* If you buy something from these links, LiTT may earn a commission, but it won’t cost you extra. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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