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TikTok tests a Repost option

TikTok might finally be getting a Repost option, letting you share videos you like on the platform itself. The social media app is testing the feature with some of its users. 

I’ve spotted it on both my personal and the LiTT TikTok accounts. It was spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra around a week ago.

As its name suggests, Repost lets you reshare your favorite videos on TikTok. The feature is obviously experimental because the Repost option is only available on the For You page. I can’t see the button when browsing through my Following page.

The reposted videos don’t show up on your profile for now, but I hope it does in the future. When I reposted a video, it’ll show above that user’s name that I’ve reposted the clip. But once I’ve done that, I couldn’t access it when I refreshed my For You feed. I’ve tried checking the account where I reposted a video, but it won’t be visible there either.

With the feature in beta, I’m not surprised that there are still holes in it. If and when TikTok decides to roll it out for all users, it might even operate differently.

I would want to see them release this officially. And I want to see a list of videos I’ve reposted, like in a separate tab on my profile. It would be fun to have another way to show some love on the platform for funny, cool, and interesting content that we come across on there.

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