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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE: Top 3 reasons to add this big tablet to your cart

Samsung is one of the few manufacturers still steadily rolling out Android tablets for different segments, giving you options depending on what you need from a bigger-screened mobile device.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE sits comfortably in the mid-range, bordering the premium, high-end segment. As a Fan Edition device (yes, that’s what FE stands for), it gets many of the sought-after features in the Galaxy Tab S7 series but with a few compromises to lower its price.

So, is it a tablet for you? If these three reasons matter the most to you, it just might be time to check this device out of your cart (or purchase at an authorized offline store).

You want a big screen to enjoy your favorite content

Samsung opted to bring the Galaxy Tab S7+ massive 12.4-inch display into the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Unlike the premium tablet, it only gets a TFT panel with a 2,560 x 1,600 (WQXGA) resolution.

It’s not a bad display. It’s pretty sharp thanks to its resolution, and the colors come out vibrant and punchy, even for an LCD. Brightness isn’t an issue either. It’s also just impressive for its sheer size. But I did wish Samsung armed with an AMOLED panel or even a higher refresh rate panel.

Seeing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE in person, the first thing I really wanted to try out is how it handles content consumption, especially videos. Watching on smartphones has always been a last resort for me. My first choice is always to watch on larger screens, whether on a laptop, PC, or TV. Tablets are the happy, more portable option. And that’s one of the biggest things the Galaxy Tab S7 FE can offer you.

Whether I watch YouTube videos, variety shows on Viu, cartoons on HBO Go, it’s an enjoyable display to watch on. Samsung lent me an engineering unit, and the one issue I ran into was I couldn’t find Netflix on the Google Play Store. I was assured that it is available for this tablet, though.

I did find a workaround so I can enjoy the latest The Witcher season on this tablet. With Samsung’s collaboration with Microsoft, it’s actually easy to connect a Samsung device with a Windows one. This tablet offers a Second Screen option that extends your PC’s display to your tablet, giving you a dual monitor setup.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE has a specific mode for watching videos, ensuring that the feed is “smooth.” And I haven’t had any trouble streaming the show while using the laptop it’s connected to.

Like the more premium Galaxy Tab S7 devices, the dual speakers on this tablet are tuned by AKG. But Samsung opted out of offering a quad-speaker setup like those more premium devices. I know it needs to take things out to lower the price, but having four great speakers would’ve made this tablet an even more enjoyable device to watch or listen to content on.

It still delivers loud, clear audio, but I couldn’t help but look for more.

LiTT Tip #1: To use this tablet’s Second Screen feature, swipe down to pull up the Quick Settings. Tap on the Second Screen option. You can choose between Viewing or Drawing/Gaming and then press Start Key + K to connect both devices.

You require a portable productivity boost

While it isn’t as portable as your smartphone, it gives you a lighter option than a laptop. Or, as I mentioned, you can turn it into a handy second monitor for your computer.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE supports the Samsung Keyboard accessory to make typing on the tablet easier. And this device also supports Samsung DeX. Before diving into the latter, you can already access multitasking with the Split Screen view offered in the typical tablet mode.

In practice, I could have three apps open simultaneously. For some apps, you can even open more than one instance. Like I could open two versions of Samsung Notes at once. Plus, five active pop-up windows at a time. (It shrinks unused pop-ups into icons you can tap to open.)

These Split Screen and Pop-up modes come in handy for different scenarios, including when you’re taking notes on a video or lecture you’re attending or when you’re browsing through emails while you’re watching something, among many other possible applications.

If you want a desktop-like experience on the tablet, Samsung offers its DeX mode with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. It can automatically start if you connect the Book Cover Keyboard, when HDMI is connected, or enable it from the Settings. It gets a desktop look with a taskbar at the bottom with apps showing up in windows similar to what you’ll see on the desktop.

Samsung encourages you to try apps like the Microsoft suite of apps or Cisco Webex Meetings and more in this mode. From what I see, you can launch most of your apps in this mode.

Aside from using Samsung DeX, you can also use the aforementioned Second Screen to extend or mirror the screen on your tablet.

The tablet keeps up with you through all that with the help of its Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor. In other markets, it’s available with 5G connectivity. Unfortunately, that isn’t the version sold here. Locally, we have the 4G LTE version, which can still come in handy for getting work done on the go. It also turns this device into a tablet you can take calls and answer text messages on.

The version available in the country is the 6GB RAM + 128GB expandable storage variant, which is great because you get decent performance and more storage than the base 4GB + 64GB option. For my daily needs, the setup was more than adequate. I didn’t experience app crashes or issues while reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE.

If you want to use it for video calls, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE has 8-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front cameras. They won’t be the most high-quality cameras around, but they will serve their purpose for tasks like online meetings and classes. Samsung encourages you to use this tablet in landscape, so the camera is positioned in the top center when the tablet is in portrait. It’s similar to webcams on laptops.

Gaming might not be top of mind when you think about productivity, but taking breaks is vital for staying productive. I don’t really play too many games, but I’ve played copious amounts of the casual puzzle game Sliding Seas on this tablet. It was a treat because that large display made it easy to play. I’ve also tried a bit of Ragnarok X, but it does get tiring holding up this tablet.

I prefer propping it up on a desk for watching videos or reading books and comics instead of gaming. But it can be a gaming machine, but I feel like it’s more for casual gaming. Or at least you need a controller, so you don’t have to hold it up.

One of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is it inherits the 10,090mAh battery on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. It lets you watch multiple episodes of your favorite shows or spend long hours working, reading, or playing on the device. I get around seven to nine hours of screen on time on this device, which typically translates to around a day and a half’s use for me.

Samsung didn’t lend a charger for this tablet, so I just used what I had on hand. It supports up to 45W charging, but you don’t get that charger in the box. Instead, it only comes with a 15W charger.

Another thing I’m missing here to make it more convenient to use is the fingerprint sensor. Samsung opted out of including one, so I have to rely on password, pin, or face unlock. Sometimes it’s positioned in a way that I can’t get face unlock to work, so I end up using the more tedious password or pin options to unlock this device.

LiTT Tip 2: Sometimes, you want to pull up apps without leaving the screen you’re on (like when you just want to reply to messages). The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE gives you an alternative with its Smart Pop-up ViewYou can choose what apps will alert you when notifications come in. An icon will show up on the screen, and when you tap on it, it’ll open the app in a floating window. To activate the feature, head to Settings > Advanced Settings > Floating notifications > Smart pop-up view. You can choose from the supported apps which ones will alert you this way. 

You need a digital writing tool

A stylus, for me, is more of a writing tool and a pointer than one for drawing. The S Pen it comes with was responsive for both uses, whether I was using it on apps like Samsung Notes or when I used the tablet as a second screen and tried to doodle on Photoshop. The lag was hardly noticeable in either case, which Samsung attributes to low latency and the soft tip of the S Pen.

This tablet doesn’t come with the fancy Bluetooth-enabled S Pen. The upside is you don’t need to charge the stylus. It also still snaps to the top of the tablet (in landscape) or at the back aligned horizontally with the camera when you aren’t using it.

Samsung Notes is probably the best app to fully utilize the S Pen, offering features like turning your handwriting into text. But, of course, you can use it in any app you want, especially those related to illustration and drawing. Samsung recommends trying out apps like PENUP, Clip Studio Paint, Canva, and Noteshelf.

If you want to take digital notes for school or sketch and illustrate on the go, Samsung wants you to consider this tablet.


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LiTT Tip #3If you’d rather keep your notes in your handwriting but don’t want them to be too messy, the Samsung Notes app offers an alignment guide. It is to the left of the Creating Shapes option (third to the last from the right). The icon is a handwritten “a” with a line above and below and an arrow beside it. An orange rectangular text box will appear when you have this enabled. Anything you write will stay within that box. You can just move it down a line when you’re done to make sure you get the spacing you want.

What’s lit and what’s not?

What’s lit about it:

  • Big, bright, vibrant display
  • Second Screen turns the tablet into a secondary PC monitor
  • Audio quality is good
  • Multitasking made easy with Split Screen and Pop-Up Views
  • Samsung DeX makes it easy to get a desktop-like experience
  • LTE support extends use beyond home
  • Speedy overall performance
  • Large capacity battery with support for 45W charging
  • A sturdy, responsive, basic S Pen built for note-taking and some sketching

What needs the extra spark:

  • Wished it had an AMOLED screen with a higher refresh rate
  • Only has a dual-speaker setup, though
  • Also hoping it supported 5G connectivity
  • Size can make it a bit tiring to hold for too long
  • 45W charger isn’t included in the box
  • No fingerprint sensor
  • No fancy S Pen tricks here

Final thoughts

I love the portability of smartphones, but there’s something so enjoyable about using big tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. It is a great device to have around for consuming video content. It can be useful for video calls and online classes, too. And handy for those who want to sketch or take notes on a big display.

As a Fan Edition device, it is more affordable than the top-of-the-line Samsung tablets. Some will value that price cut more over the missing features. And the basics are something this tablet handles well.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE starts at PHP 34,990 or (around USD 699 converted).

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