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This LG innovation makes it easier to grow a garden at home

This story was originally published on December 30, 2021, and last updated on December 31, 2021.

In time for CES 2022, LG unveiled its newest concept for green living. The LG tiiun, which means “to sprout” in Korean, is an apt name for this appliance. This freestanding, indoor gardening device allows you to cultivate vegetables, flowers, and herbs in your home all year round.

It looks a bit like a stylish mini fridge with two shelves inside. It comes in two understated, soothing colors: Nature Beige and Nature Green. It’s designed to be a completely self-contained unit and can hold up to six all-in-one seed packages and three different seed kits. Each package has 10 holes for seed germination. 

According to LG, it can grow various greens simultaneously in only four to eight weeks. Aside from faster growth, there’s also less mess to clean.

The LG tiiun is a CES 2022 Innovation Award winner, as it was recognized for using LG’s tech expertise across different home appliance categories to develop this concept.

It uses LG’s Inverter Compressor with its Flexible Weather Control System to precisely adjust its internal temperature and create optimal organic growth conditions. It can automatically regulate temperature and light to mimic a day’s natural cycle. 

The LG tiiun also has a smart gardening system that delivers water eight times every 24 hours. Its Auto Ebb & Watering System circulates the ideal amount of moisture to help transform the seeds into healthy greens and vibrant flowers.

Its internal structure is designed to improve photosynthesis efficiency, amplifying the effect of the internal LED light source to speed up the growing process. The transparent door gives you a way to watch the plants as they grow. And Its airtight seal makes sure the internal temperature is consistent and keeps pests out.

As an LG smart home device, it works with the ThinQ app, allowing you to view the germination process from your phone, check or change settings, and get notifications when the water tank needs to be refilled.

The LG tiiun and tiiun mini will be on virtual display at LG’s CES 2022 digital exhibition booth beginning January 5. There is no word on pricing or availability just yet for other markets. But in Korea, the LG tiiun is priced at KRW 1.49 million (around USD 1,252 or PHP 63,824 converted). You can check this out and other LG innovations at this link.

UPDATE 1: 2021/12/31 11:22 A.M. GMT+8 BY NICOLE BATAC  

We initially marked the LG tiiun as a concept, but it is an actual product. We apologize for the confusion.

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