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CES 2022 Hit List: BMW color-changing SUV, TCL NXTWear Air, XPG Vault

Here’s another quick list of gadgets and concepts we’ve seen on CES that caught our attention. If you missed our previous list, you could check that out here. We also compiled our favorite LG innovations here. We won’t keep you further. Check out this new Hit List roundup!

Targus Cypress Hero EcoSmart Backpack

Targus hopes to lessen the hunt for a missing bag with its newest backpack. The Cypress Hero Backpack comes equipped with a built-in tracker that supports Apple’s Find My technology. That means you can use your Apple device and the Find My app to quickly locate a missing or stolen bag. It offers geofencing alerts, so if your backpack moves outside of a preset range, you’ll get a warning that the bag is no longer with you.

It can also locate a misplaced iPhone. You just need to press a button in the backpack and have access to the Targus app, and it’ll ping the iPhone with an alert to let you know its location. The built-in tracker recharges via USB. Its battery is designed to last for around a year before needing a recharge. This Targus backpack is also part of the brand’s EcoSmart line, which uses products like plastic bottles to create the bag’s lining, body, and trim. If you worry about the bag facing the elements, this backpack is IPX3 water-resistant.

XPG Vault

Here’s an interesting concept we wish would eventually move past the prototype stage. XPG showed off the Vault gaming mouse ahead of CES. What’s interesting about this simple mouse is it gets built-in storage for your games. Yes, the mouse wouldn’t just store macros and preferences when you move from one computer to another.

According to the company, the “current prototype can integrate up to 1TB of Solid State memory running at 985MB/s,” and it connects via USB-C. As The Verge noted, being a wired mouse means the performance is possible, at least for some games. XPG didn’t share basic mouse specs like DPI and sensor, but that isn’t surprising, given it is a concept. We do wish XPG explores building on this idea, though.


TCL updates its NXTWear glasses to make them look more like a pair of RayBan Wayfarers than the IMAX 3D glasses. The new NXTWear Air works similarly to its predecessor. It lets you plug it into compatible smartphones and devices to let you enjoy your favorite movies, games, and more on what looks like a 140-inch screen.

The NXTWear Air has a pair of 1080p displays in a 16:9 aspect ratio sitting close enough to give you that view of a 140-inch screen right in front of the glasses. It’s also much lighter than its predecessor at 2.6 ounces (instead of 4.6 ounces). So, now you can just sit back in bed or laze around on the couch and enjoy that show or film you want to on your own.


This practical gadget will come in handy as we move around more and more these days. Steambox is a self-heating lunchbox that lets you enjoy your packed meal warm. All you have to do is press a button or swipe on the connected app to heat your meal in 15 minutes. 

The Steambox is designed to heat up to three meals on a single charge. With the supported app, you can follow recipes, track your calorie intake, and program and start specific steaming programs. 

BMW color-changing paint tech

CES is one of those significant events where brands can pull flashy PR stunts. And BMW has an eye-catching one. The company used its all-electric iX to show off this color-changing paint scheme. According to a teaser from the carmaker before the event, it wanted to showcase “a technology that changes the exterior color of a vehicle with the touch of a button.”


Ever seen a car change its paint color on the spot? #BMW has just the thing. (🎥: @isadoes_) #CES2022 #techtok #littwebsite

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Twitter user Out of Spec Studios shows the iX changing from a dark gray to white in a video similar to the one you see above. This color-changing paint scheme is apparently is temperature-sensitive, so BMW even brought a backup vehicle in case it gets too hot or too cold.

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