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Louis Vuitton outs new premium, colorful smartwatch

It’s a smartwatch unlike anything we’ve seen before. But that’s par for the course with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. The French Maison interprets the accessory in its own way. The third-generation Tambour Horizon Light Up Watch is less geeky cool than the TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario smartwatch. Instead, its design is reminiscent of the standout Horizon Light Up speaker it launched last year.

The 44mm watch gets a domed sapphire glass screen that lights up to signal different events and notifications. It’s fitted with 24 LED lights behind the Louis Vuitton Monogram ring. There are eight built-in dial configurations to choose from, including a striped animation (inspired by the Maison’s signature trunks) and Vivienne, Louis Vuitton’s mascot.

These designs can be displayed in various colors, including 11 new gradients. If you want to add your initials, that’s possible, too. You can even pick the color and typeface you want. Connect the watch to the LV Connect app to personalize it further.

The brand plans to add more watch face designs based on upcoming collaborations, seasons, fashion shows, and important days of the year. Of course, a variety of interchangeable and colorful straps with the Louis Vuitton monogram will also be available.

As for the software that powers this smartwatch, Louis Vuitton developed the Tambour Horizon Light Up’s operating system from the ground up and became the first non-Apple device to get accredited as “made for the iPhone.” If you use an Android phone or HarmonyOS device, this connected watch works with those mobile operating systems, too.

Unlike your typical smartwatch that focuses on fitness, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up is more for the well-traveled wearer. When you swipe left on its digital touchscreen, you access the My Travel menu, giving you access to features like boarding passes for your upcoming flight, information on your itinerary, and 30 “expertly curated” city guides from the Maison.

But there are still typical smartwatch features here. When you swipe right, you’ll pull up the My Day menu, where your agenda, local weather and air quality, step count, and heart rate are shown. Swipe down, and you’ll see your notifications. And swipe up, and you’ll get access to the control panel for features like timers, alarms, and music.

Louis Vuitton makes navigating through the different settings easier by adding push buttons on both sides of the crown, a first for the Tambour Horizon series. Rotating the crown changes the dial, while the top button activates the watch’s face shuffle mode and configuration settings. And then, the bottom pusher is a customizable shortcut button to open the app of your choice.

Louis Vuitton promotes the new premium smartwatch with Chinese actor and model Gong Jun and English actress Sophie Turner

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up Watch promises all-day battery life with four different modes (blossom, explorer, submarine, and saver) that accommodate different needs and usage by controlling the watch’s animations.

At launch, Louis Vuitton offers three versions of the watch on rubber straps:

  • Polished Steel – USD 3,450 (around PHP 177,560 converted)
  • Matte Black – USD 4,100 (PHP 211,015)
  • Matte Brown – USD, 4,100

The brown is an ode to the Maison’s iconic brown monogram. Both the black and brown models are fitted with high-end PVD finishes, with the black getting titanium crown and lugs.