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TikTok integrates Stories in main feed with new test

You may or may not have noticed TikTok‘s changes to its Stories feature. As with similar iterations on other platforms, these clips stay on the platform for 24 hours. There used to be a dedicated section for these stories on a sidebar on the left. But the new test integrates these Stories into the For You and Following pages. 

Social media consultant Matt Navarra drew attention to the experiment last week. This new look means more people will see your Stories, especially since they’ll be viewable to your followers and anyone else who chances on them on their For You pages.

I’ve spotted it on my TikTok account and got to try it out. A quick way to access the feature is integrated into the Camera app. When you tap on the “+” button at the bottom menu bar, there is a new Quick option that makes it easier to record Stories. It looks like you can also use the option for quickly recording TikTok videos.

A new blue Story marker is visible on top of your username on a posted Story to let you know it’s not your regular TikTok post. 

Screenshots of TikTok's new look for Stories
Screenshots of TikTok’s new look for Stories

And when looking at a user’s profile who just posted, you’ll see a little Story indicator on the post with a number inside a parenthesis that indicates if there are other parts to the Story. Multi-part Stories you see on your FYP will be viewable by tapping on the video.

Since it’s still being tested, you can expect to see bugs in the feature—if you have access to it, that is. One bug or quirk I’ve noticed is I can’t see a posted Story on my profile. But when I view my profile from another TikTok account, it shows up there.

Screenshots of TikTok Stories' old design (Source: Matt Navarra)
Screenshots of TikTok Stories’ old design (Source: Matt Navarra)

We don’t know when the company plans to roll out this feature to more users or if it’ll be rolled out. TikTok’s Repost option is still being tested right now, as far as we know.