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Garmin vivomove Sport is a sleek hybrid smartwatch

Four Garmin vivomove Sport models in Ivory, Cocoa, Cool Mint, and Black (Photo: Garmin)

If you’ve been eyeing fitness trackers or smartwatches but just don’t like their look, the new Garmin vivomove Sport might be more your style. The latest addition to Garmin’s hybrid smartwatches has an analog dial to help with your timekeeping while hiding a hidden digital screen at the lower half of the dial.

That bottom half of the dial can show your health data, messages, and notifications when you want these to appear. It’s giving us that “spy vibe” without it looking out of place in our wardrobe.

The watch itself has a 40mm round case with a standard-looking analog dial with six numeral hour markers and minute indicators on the edges. The dial is clean without any flourishes on the watch face. It can easily hide the OLED panel on the lower half of the dial. 

The Garmin vivomove Sport comes in Ivory, Cocoa, Cool Mint, and Black. We’re instantly drawn to the Cocoa one, but all the options look pretty stylish and sleek. It mixes a silicone band color-coordinated with the watch dial and refined metallic accents to add to that modern feel.

There are no crowns or buttons on the Garmin vivomove Sport. Everything on this watch is controlled by gestures on the glass lens protecting the hidden OLED panel. When you double-tap on the glass, the watch hands will move to a horizontal position to be out of the way. The screen will light up and give you access to the smartwatch features.

You can customize what’s displayed on the screen, including digital time, step count, heart rate, health data, period tracker, and more. If you long press on it, it’ll open a menu to modify the watch’s settings. You can even set your alarm, time, and everything else. 

As a fitness tracker, the Garmin vivomove Sport can track all the typical activities Garmin’s GPS sports watches track, including running, swimming, cycling, cardio, yoga, strength training, pilates, and more. It doesn’t have a built-in GPS sensor, but it’ll use the GPS on a paired smartphone to get that information. It’ll use that along with the data from the onboard accelerometer, ambient light sensor, heart rate monitor, and oxygen saturation sensor.

The Garmin vivomove Sport can track your sleep and give you data on your sleep stages. With the company’s Body Battery feature, you can get info on your body’s current energy level, helping you schedule workouts and significant events while understanding when you need to rest. You can also track your water intake or log your menstrual and pregnancy symptoms through the Garmin Connect app (which also has all your other health data synced with the watch). 

If you need ways to relax, the Garmin vivomove Sport also has access to breathwork activities. And if you’re in an emergency, you can send your location to emergency contacts (you need to have it paired with a compatible smartphone, though).

If you want to see what’s on your schedule, there’s a dedicated calendar screen. You can also get notifications for incoming calls, texts, and other alerts. Android users can reply to messages, too. iOS users don’t have that feature, but they can still use the Garmin vivomove Sport. So, whether you’re on Android or iOS, this hybrid smartwatch is an option for you.

The Garmin vivomove Sport also has 5ATM water resistance and up to six days of battery life. 

In the Philippines, Garmin will officially launch the vivomove Sport on February 8, 2022, for PHP 9,595 (around USD 190 converted). It’ll be available at Garmin Brand Stores, official Garmin stores on Lazada and Shopee, and

Those who pre-order the Garmin vivomove Sport until February 7 can stand a chance to take home a free set of Penny Pairs jewelry and a Garmin manicure set. For each watch purchase, you could take home either a Figaro Gold Bracelet, Trina Gold Studs, or Gabbie Huggies. Garmin limits this promotion to the first 25 purchases. You can pre-order here.

Buy the Garmin vivomove Sport from Lazada HERE. *

Buy the Garmin vivomove Sport from Shopee HERE.

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