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This digital notebook brings back the lost art of handwriting

When was the last time you wrote something? Think of the last time you put pen to paper. Was it so long ago that you can’t remember? Maybe you did so to fill out a government form, but that’s just it. 

If you’ve missed writing things down but want the convenience of having everything digitally accessible, your option is a smart notebook like the reMarkable 2 tablet.

reMarkable 2 standing with the folio back and shows the

As its name suggests, it’s the second iteration of the reMarkable tablet, a digital device designed to replace a stack of paper or an actual notebook/notepad. 

So, if you’re the type to carry around a notebook to jot thoughts and to-do lists down and then transfer this to your computer, this is a device for you. Beyond that, you can use it to notate papers, highlight and write on ebooks, sketch, and more. Like the original reMarkable, you can use dozens of templates—including a lined rule, gridded dots, day planners, storyboards, etc.—and organize these notes into folders.  

A reMarkable 2 showing different

The reMarkable 2 is built to be a thin and light unitasking device. Unlike writing on a tablet or smartphone, there is no form of distraction on this device as it is basically built for you to write things on. And it’s easy to carry around with 187 x 246 x 4.7mm dimensions and 403.5g weight.

Different digital writing tools allow you to mimic their look in real life thanks to the reMarkable 2’s support for 4,000+ levels of pressure sensitivity. So, the pencil tool can leave an imperfect graphite line, or the calligraphy pen makes your handwriting look fancy. 

reMarkable 2 with the Marker Plus stylus erasing some strokes (

You can erase, rotate, copy and paste, or move your writing with a tap or two. It even supports layers like in Photoshop to easily manipulate what you’ve scribbled.

The tablet’s display emits a slight magnetic field that interacts with the reMarkable Marker almost instantly at 21ms. You don’t even need to pair the stylus. If you’re looking for a virtual eraser built into the stylus, you will need to spring for the Marker Plus. Otherwise, you can just select it from the tool tray on the device.

The stylus tips are replaceable, and you’ll need to replace them. Gear Patrol noted that the tips are designed to gradually wear away to give you that tactile writing and drawing sensation.

The surface is slightly rough, providing tactility and resistance you expect from a piece of paper. It has an e-ink display without any backlight, so it’s best used when it is bright or when you’re outdoors. 

Even if it’s a single-task gadget, you can link it to your mobile device or desktop/laptop. But as Forbes mentioned, you need a Connect subscription. The USD 7.99 (around PHP 409 converted) monthly subscription lets you pull up the notes on those devices, export them for email, convert handwritten notes to text, and upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive, among others. If you just want to export and save your notes to the cloud without converting them, the USD 4.99 (PHP 256) Connect Lite subscription is available. If you’re not looking to export your files outside of the tablet, you can choose not to subscribe.

That subscription will come in handy if you want to import PDFs and ebooks. It will make it easier for you to scribble on these documents and ebooks. And that e-ink display will make it easier to read on them.

reMarkable 2 with the 2 Marker pens and

You can consider the reMarkable 2 a premium purchase for what it does, especially if you think about the accessories and the subscription service. But maybe you’re the type who really needs those features and are willing to spend on them.

If you are, the reMarkable 2 itself costs USD 399 (PHP 20,429). The Marker costs USD 49 (PHP 2,509) for the standard version and USD 99 (PHP 5,069) for the Marker Plus. The cases/folios cost around USD 69 (PHP 3,533). And then you have to think about the stylus tips. You can easily spend USD 530 (PHP 27,136) on these. And then you have to think about the Connect subscription.

If you want to learn more about the reMarkable 2, you can check it out on the brand’s websiteIsa got her hands on it at CES 2022, which you can check out above.

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