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vivo Y73: Top 3 reasons to pick up this stylish handset

After spending about a couple of weeks with the vivo Y73, I learned a bit more about this device. As we do with other hands-on, I want to figure out what this device is good at, so you can check if those great features work for what you need. 

The vivo Y73 is positioned as the Y series’ camera-focused option. And yes, if you mistake it for the vivo V21e, I wouldn’t blame you. It did inherit that Diamond Flare look. But let’s talk more about that later. For now, I want to talk about its cameras because that’s one area the Y73 works its magic.

Here’s the first reason why you’d want to get this device:

You want to level up your selfie game

Suppose you’re coming from a more affordable, budget smartphone and want to level up a bit with a device that can help get you flattering selfies. In that case, the vivo Y73 can be an option in that midrange, PHP 15K price range. Even if it isn’t a V series option, there are features on the Y73 I’ve seen on the V23 that I get to enjoy here, too.

I’ve mentioned these features before, including 4K recording, Ultra Stable Video, Dual-View Video, Bokeh Portrait, and Steadiface Video. And you get to use these features with the help of the triple rear camera array (64-megapixel main + 2-megapixel Bokeh + 2-megapixel Macro) and the 16-megapixel selfie shooter.

You’ll have no trouble getting great photos in bright environments. I notice some color and contrast boost, especially when I try to shoot against the light. But it doesn’t sacrifice detail that much. vivo adds its AI Eye Autofocus here, which is quite handy for keeping track of subjects in your pictures.

If you’re shooting in low light, I’d recommend playing around with Pro or Night mode. The latter would work best if the phone is propped up or attached to a tripod. It works best when there’s a bit of light as it tries to balance the highlights and shadows in your shot.

If you’re the type to take portraits or self-portraits, the Y73 has tools to help you out. The Portrait Modes on the front and rear cameras don’t just give you an adjustable aperture to create that bokeh effect; you also get filters for your background, beauty features, and even makeup. I tend to tone these down a lot, but they really do work in a pinch when you don’t want to put makeup on but still want to look your best. And they work to enhance whatever makeup you have on.

I tend to turn these down significantly, but I’m also not one to shy away from a bit of tech help. Even when I turn the beauty features down, I notice a bit of skin smoothening in the final photos. Some of you might not want that, so I just wanted to let you know.

If you’re more interested in video for things like TikTok and Instagram, you can rely on this phone to get the footage you need. As mentioned, it lets you record up to 4K at 30 frames per second, but you also get 60fps at 1080p on this phone. In front, you can shoot up to 1080p.  

(We also got an IG sample here!)

LiTT Tip #1: If you want to enable AI Eye Autofocus, tap on Settings (the cogwheel on the top right) and then scroll down to the Photo section until you spot AI Eye Autofocus. You can then specify what it should focus on (Auto, Left eye, Right eye, or Close) and even tweak Eye Autofocus animation.

LiTT Tip #2: If you’re shooting a non-human subject and want that bokeh effect. It’s actually accessible through the main Photo feature. Tap on the Lens option on the right side, and it’ll pull up Bokeh and Super Macro options. When you tap on Bokeh, you can then shoot things like figurines with blurry backgrounds. vivo allows post-shot focus editing, so at least you can change your focus after the fact.

You love shiny things

I remember seeing Diamond Flare on the V21e and just loving it. So, of course, I’m charmed to see it here. And its slim 7.38mm package makes it easy to fit into clutches or small purses. Its feel in hand reminds me of another style-focused handset I’ve tested for the site before.

Of course, some of you might hope vivo would’ve changed the design a bit. It could be a bit confusing, especially since the two phones aren’t even in the same series. And that is a valid point. I like it enough that I don’t mind it, but you might not feel the same.

The smudge-proof back did hold up quite well during my test. Of course, it’s not 100% fingerprint-proof, but it does make these smudges less visible.

You want to get things done on your phone

If you’re a busy person that’s always on the move, the vivo Y73 can keep up. It did offer a stable, consistent experience that I remember having with another MediaTek Helio G95-powered phone. This isn’t the newest processor available, but you might not even care about that. You might be like me, who just cares that the phone doesn’t freeze or crash when I switch between apps constantly.

We could probably attribute that to the 8GB of RAM you get with this phone, which also features vivo’s Extended RAM tech. When enabled, it gets a 4GB boost to ensure a smoother user experience. I’ve been able to work and play without too much trouble on this phone.

I can’t help but point out that vivo seems to have missed the boat by keeping the refresh rate for its 6.44-inch AMOLED display at 60Hz, especially given this phone is already in that midrange segment. This would’ve benefitted from a 90Hz refresh rate display.

It’s a good FHD+ resolution display, though. It’s bright and crisp enough for watching content on. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can even enjoy your favorite shows and films in Full HD. It could use a louder speaker, but it does still have an audio jack, so you can use that or connect a Bluetooth device.


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♬ I think you dropped something my JAW – Mari

If you’re on this phone a lot, you can quickly burn through that 4,000mAh battery. But I could typically still get a full day plus a few hours the following day on this phone. And with its 33W fast-charging support, it takes me around an hour to fully charge this handset.

What’s lit and what’s not?

What’s lit about it:

  • Camera features like 4K recording, Dual-View Video, Steadiface Video, Bokeh Portrait are available here
  • AI Eye Autofocus for easy subject focusing
  • Portrait Mode makes sure your subject’s appearance comes out flattering
  • Eye-catching Diamond Flare design
  • Slim form factor
  • AG glass back makes it generally fingerprint-proof
  • Stable performance ready to handle day-to-day tasks
  • Nice, big AMOLED screen
  • Fast 33W wired charging

What’s needs the extra spark:

  • Some might find the Camera’s beauty filters to be a bit too aggressive with smoothening
  • The design could confuse this Y series phone for a V series one
  • Uses a relatively older processor
  • Still has a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Wished the speaker was a bit louder
  • Smaller 4,000mAh capacity battery

Final thoughts

There are several things you have to weigh with the vivo Y73. vivo could’ve added more to make it fit in within its price bracket, but it has its own charms and uses, as do many phones out there. 

But if you must have features like the eye-catching, slim design and a reliable set of cameras for your social media use, it might still be a worthwhile purchase for you.

The vivo Y73 is priced at PHP 14,999 (around USD 287 converted).

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