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This website offers practical self-care tips based on your birth chart

Let’s dub today Self-Care Tuesday, and I’m here to offer a way to help you recharge. Spiritual self-care shop The Cosmic Rx has a birth chart decoder that can come in handy when you need a “me time” kind of day and don’t know what to do.

Like other birth chart generators, you’ll need to input your birth time, date, and location. It’ll ask for an email address (probably for marketing purposes*). It’ll then take your sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars, and Venus signs, and then offer descriptors of what kind of person you are. And then it’ll provide self-care tips specific to you. 

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I like Cosmic RX’s self-care prescriptions because they are more rooted in activities I can engage in to take care of myself. I was offered advice like “Make time for creativity” at the start of my day or surround myself with “nice scents and engage in physical touch” when I’m stressed.

If you’re feeling a bit lost on how to approach your self-care needs, this is a great site to check out! I even have it in video form, if you want to check that out:


For our sisters who need self-care tips this InternationalWomensDay! But really, it’s for anyone needing a pick-me-up! #selfcareday #littwebsite

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* Our bonus tip is to use an email you specifically use for signing up for sites like these so you can protect your main accounts.

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