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LG makes an all-in-one display that works in the boardroom and at home

This story was originally published on March 28, 2022, and last updated on July 26, 2022.

The past week kind of got away from us, so there wasn’t a new Cool Tech story out for you. But we’re back this week, and we’re bringing to your attention a new all-in-one display LG launched in some markets earlier this month. 

At first glance, the LG One:Quick Flex looks like the typical all-in-one display you’ll see in office conference rooms. Those with built-in cameras that companies can use to talk to clients or co-workers in other areas. And it is that. It can be considered a Microsoft Surface Hub alternative with support for a touch pen on its display. But LG isn’t just marketing this One:Quick Flex to offices or even remote workers.

The display with its movable stand is also being offered as a display for the home. This 43-inch 4K UHD has a 2K Full HD video camera, microphone, and speakers. LG wants you to use the One:Quick Flex for video calls with loved ones or as your screen for home workouts.

For those personal video calls or work-related online meetings, the camera comes with a wide 88-degree field of view. Its mics can pick up sound within a three-meter range. And if you can’t get close to it to operate it, it also supports voice commands through your phone. That last feature will be convenient while working out or doing other tasks like trying out a recipe and your hands are full.

LG even wants you to think of your kids who are remotely learning right now. Using In-Cell touch technology, it has full touch pen support and a whiteboard feature. You can choose to draw or make notes directly on the screen with a supported stylus or your fingertips. The One:Quick Flex even supports file sharing on mobile, so you can save your notes and sketches to your phone. This display runs on the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise system, so you can run various apps and programs you may need on this device.

We’re kind of wondering if you can record TikToks on this thing, given you can rotate the screen.

The LG One:Quick Flex retails for SGD 3,399 (around USD 2,497 or PHP 129,944 converted) in Elegant Beige. It’s also available in Australia, but LG hasn’t published pricing. You’ll need to enquire to check its cost. Given the Singaporean pricing, you can expect it to be pretty expensive.

We got to briefly see this device in person, which you could check out below.


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UPDATE 1: 2022/07/26, 10:11 P.M. GMT+8 BY NICOLE BATAC

Added video on the LG One:Quick Flex

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