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Find out if your musical tastes match BTS’s on Spotify

Spotify’s Blend feature is one of my favorite features on the app. It creates personalized playlists based on what you and another user listen to. The company now updated this feature to support some artists on the platform. 

Aside from BTS, the feature also works with these artists Charli XCXJO1Kacey MusgravesLauvMegan Thee StallionBE:FIRSTMimi WebbNiziUTai VerdesXamãCamiloDiploAngèleBadshahKim LoaizaCROBenjamin IngrossoBennett CoastAB6IX, and more.

To create your own Blend playlist, these are the steps you can follow:

  • Click on the links above to let the app generate your playlists.


  • Head to the artist’s profile.
  • Scroll down to Artist Pick.
  • And see the Blend playlist there. It’ll have the playlist name: *Artist’s name* + *Your name* (ex. BTS + Nicole).

If you want to check your compatibility with the musicians, tap on the icon above the playlist’s name. It has revolving dots that change colors. That’ll show you your taste match percentage. And you can even brag about that on social media with a Share this story option, much like the year-end story posts you can do on the streaming service.


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♬ Black Swan – BTS

Plus, the regular Blend feature gets an update, too. You can now share a playlist with up to 10 family or friends. As Spotify describes it, you’ll get access to a “personalized playlist with your entire group chat.

You can check out how to use Blend in this story we posted. 

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