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Coca-Cola has a pixel-flavored drink

Pixels are intangible, but Coca-Cola seems to know what they taste like. And so the company unveiled a new limited-edition pixel-flavored drink it’s calling Coca-Cola Byte (which has a less catchy brand name of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte). 

After being named after “the basic unit of programmable color on a computer,” it aptly debuted in the video game Fortnite. Byte is the second flavor to come out of Coca-Cola’s Creations lab, which is in charge of digital experiences. (It follows the space-flavored Starlight released earlier this year.)

It was teased in late March when it came on an island in the game called Pixel Point. There were different mini-games to play there, including one inside a classic glass Coke bottle.

Coca-Cola refers to Byte as the “first-ever Coca-Cola flavor born in the metaverse.” In the simplest terms, the metaverse is a world where your digital avatar engages with other digital avatars in a virtual world.

And while the drink debuted digitally, it will be sold in the United States next month. According to its page, the Coca-Cola Creations portal opens on May 2. We don’t know if it’ll be sold elsewhere, but would you try it out if it did?

I’m curious enough to want to try it out just to see what Coca-Cola thinks a pixel tastes like. In my head, it does seem kinda crunchy. I wonder if there will be boba-like bits in it.