EarFun Free 2 & Free Pro 2: What’s the difference?

So, you stumbled on the EarFun brand and wanted to check the difference between the EarFun Free 2 and its Free Pro 2 counterpart. We’re here to answer your questions about them and hopefully help you decide which one is better for your needs.


The EarFun Free 2 is the “bigger boi” out of the two. It has that chunky earbud shape, but it easily slips into the ear and stays in there even when I do some stretching. It can be a workout companion (at least not for the really vigorous workouts) with its IPX7 water and sweat resistance.

I do feel a bit of ear fatigue or strain after like three hours of use. So, that’s something to keep in mind if you plan on using it for longer listening sessions.


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If you want something smaller and lighter, the Free Pro 2 might be better. EarFun boasts that these buds are lightweight at just 4.1g per earbud. I can attest to them being comfortable for prolonged use. I have used it while trying to nap, and it wasn’t really a nuisance.

The EarFun Free 2 also has a larger case than the Free Pro 2. It’s more of a dental floss container shape than the latter’s pill box-like design.

You can check out our unboxing of the EarFun Free 2 here:

And the EarFun Free Pro 2 is here:


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I appreciate that the company included cleaning buds and instructions on what parts you have to clean with the latter.


We have good news for those who don’t want one more app to control their accessories. The EarFun Free 2 and Free Pro 2 don’t need a companion app to get them to work. It connects the same way as any other Bluetooth device. They also remember the last device they were connected to, so they will instantly pair when you take them out of their cases.

As Bluetooth 5.2-enabled devices, you’re promised stable transmission and single earbud use on both products. I can attest to these earbuds staying connected to linked devices. They don’t disconnect unless I manually disconnect them or run out of battery. If I just want to use one earbud, you can.

EarFun Free 2

Both get touch controls on the earbuds, including volume control, which I appreciate getting from devices at their price point. One thing missing from both of them that I want is in-ear detection. Both touch controls are responsive enough. But I like the convenience of earbuds automatically detecting when I take out or put the accessories in my ears.

If you value the lower latency for video or gaming use, the EarFun Free 2 is the option for you. These earbuds get a low latency mode that drops it to as low as 60ms instead of its normal 200ms. That mode is best used when you’re gaming or watching something on your connected device, so there is less delay between what you’re seeing and what you’re hearing.

EarFun Free 2

The Free 2’s design allows for a good seal around the ear even without active noise cancellation. The sound is as I’ve expected at its price point. There’s some decent sound separation and a hint of bass, but it can be sometimes muffled. I wish that volume was louder, though. It’s a bit too soft for my liking, so I have to increase the volume to hear better.

If you need active noise cancellation (ANC), you’d prefer the EarFun Free Pro 2. You can choose between noise-canceling, transparent/ambient, or disabling these features. These buds also get a gaming mode with lower latency, but they only go as low as 80ms. Honestly, I’ve preferred using it without ANC enabled. There’s a good enough seal that I don’t need them. But it’s good to have them here when I need them.

EarFun Free Pro 2

The audio is definitely a bit crisper here than the Free 2, especially for watching content. I loved watching movies on these earbuds. It also still tries to give you that “bass-y” sound. I’d say temper your expectations regarding audio quality, though.

EarFun boasts wind noise reduction tech on these earbuds. It can still let a bit of wind in, resulting in a muffled sound while on calls. So, don’t expect that feature to eliminate all of the external noise.

EarFun Free Pro 2


If a longer-lasting battery is a priority for you, the EarFun Free 2 is the way to go. According to the company, you get up to seven hours of use with the buds or up to 30 hours in total if you include charging in the case. I’ve typically gone over that, taking 11 to 13 hours out of the case until I fully drain them. Of course, this is dependent on what you’re listening to, volume, and the like. I can recharge it twice or thrice in the charging case. So, I can get well over 30 hours of use.

The charging time of the case with the earbuds is consistent with what EarFun claims. It takes me around two hours to charge via USB-C.

Meanwhile, the EarFun Free Pro 2’s battery life aligns more with the brand’s numbers. I get around six hours of typical use without ANC enabled and then around three charges out of the case. According to EarFun, you can get up to 30 hours using the rechargeable case.

Both take around an hour or so to recharge in the case. The EarFun Free Pro 2 and charging case also take approximately two hours to charge via USB-C.

Good news for wireless charging fans! Both earbuds support wireless charging. Of course, that bumps up charging time to around three and a half hours or more, depending on conditions. This is uncommon for wireless earbuds I’ve encountered at its price range, so good on EarFun for adding that option.

Final thoughts

We love that the affordable earbuds market continues to grow because who doesn’t want options? If you’ve somehow stumbled on these two, we hope we can answer most of your concerns about them.

The EarFun Free 2 wants to give you that long-lasting, low latency goodness. In contrast, the Free Pro 2 wants to provide you, professionals, or anyone who just needs noise cancelation a pretty affordable option. Personally, I wished these came in more colors.

The EarFun Free 2 retails for USD 79.99/EUR 79.99/PHP 2,490, while the EarFun Free Pro 2 costs USD 99/EUR 99.99/PHP 4,690.

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