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Dress your metaverse avatar in adidas Originals’ Ozworld collection

Deck out your metaverse avatar in some sleek new looks from adidas. adidas Originals is entering the virtual space through its new avatar creator. The sportswear brand partnered with Ready Player Me to launch the Ozworld Experience. The site lets you design a unique avatar that you can use in over 1,500 apps and games that Ready Player Me’s platform supports.

The site is also meant to give you a look at the brand’s new Ozworld collection, which adidas describes as a collection representing “style experimentation” and “personal expression.”

adidas Originals brings that philosophy into the Ozworld Experience through a series of personality-based questions to determine what your avatar looks like. The brand wanted to focus on the “essence of individual personalities” instead of your looks. Of course, it’ll ask you to pick your favorite Ozworld footwear silhouette for your avatar to wear.

When your character’s been created, you can experiment with animating your avatar and digitally try on and purchase sneakers from the Ozworld collection. You will also get the chance to download your Ozworld alter ego as stickers and GIFs on different social media platforms.

According to adidas, the “first installment of avatars” will be available across the metaverse starting April 28.

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