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Samsung has a Pokémon-themed version of the Galaxy Z Flip3

Is this the best collaboration ever? Samsung has another special edition version of the Galaxy Z Flip3. This time, it’s a Pokémon-themed version that’ll tug at the heartstrings (and make a dent in the wallets) of Pokémon fans.

This edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 gets accessories like a swappable back case filled with Pikachus, a Pikachu clear cover set, pouch, lanyard strap, keychain, and Poké ball stand! We can’t deal with this cuteness!

Of course, Pokémon-themed ringtones and wallpapers are available with this model.

We don’t have pricing or availability yet, but it’s expected to launch in South Korea first. With so many Pokémon fans worldwide, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this gets a wider release.

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