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Gucci gives the ŌURA Ring a sleek makeover

We enjoy seeing what high fashion brands do with pieces of tech. And while they’re mostly out of my personal price range, I’m always curious to see how they’re trying to cater your ordinary tech devices to those in the higher price brackets. And this new take on the ŌURA ring is another example of that.

Known for its smart rings, ŌURA has partnered with Gucci to release a special edition version of their Generation 3 smart ring. The changes are cosmetic, with the base functionality of the device identical to the USD 300 model.

But if you want that Gucci touch, you get a ring with an 18kt yellow gold trim and interlocking G branding across its band. Even its charging base has a matching look to the accessory.

Suppose you want what smartwatches like the Apple Watch offer but want it in a smaller package. In that case, the ŌURA Ring can monitor your sleep activity, heart rate, body temperature, and even breathing patterns. Plus, it won’t take up more space than your average piece of jewelry, weighing only four grams.

The companion app will give you suggestions on how to improve your health. According to the company, the app offers “science-backed” content to ensure you stay healthy.

Now, if you’re sold on this idea of having a more compact, stylish, and premium smart ring, it will set you back a hefty USD 950. One bonus to this pricing is a lifetime subscription to ŌURA’s subscription service. This means you never have to pay extra to access premium features.

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