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Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G: 3 best uses for this Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi added a significant number of devices to its Redmi Note 11 line. And it’s been a bit confusing to keep track of them all. But if there’s one thing you should know about the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (that is a mouthful to say and type), it brings Xiaomi’s impressive 120W wired charging to the Redmi line with this phone. A convenient feature when you don’t like or forget to charge your device on time.

But what else does this midrange Xiaomi device have to offer? Let’s discuss its three best use cases.

A companion for mobile workers

It’s a no-brainer that the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G’s most significant advantage is the tremendously fast 120W wired charging. The 4,500mAh battery falls on the smaller side for me. But the ridiculously fast charging option makes up for it. You can take it out with you without having to worry about losing power. Just make sure you carry the charger with you, though.

According to Xiaomi, you can reach 100% in as fast as 15 minutes. In my use case, it typically took double the time. But thirty minutes is still plenty impressive. That longer charging time on my end could be down to factors like I don’t recharge phones in an airconditioned room and through a power strip.

That fast charging speed means I don’t have to worry about when I forget to charge at night. I typically just recharge it before leaving or when it gets drained. I get a full day’s use and a bit more out of this phone.

Showing the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G's screen while charging by LiTT website

Xiaomi equipped this device with industry-leading dual charge pumps and over 40 features for safe charging. The Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G also gets TÜV Rheinland’s Safe Fast-Charge System certification. I usually just charge it while the phone is turned off, which also helps the phone recharge faster and prevents it from heating up. This phone’s charging rate doesn’t default to that. So, if you don’t need that blazing fast charging speed, you don’t have to turn it on in the settings.

There is no wireless charging option on the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G, though. So, if that matters to you, unfortunately, it’s not available here.

What about the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G’s day-to-day performance?

One criticism about this Redmi Note 11 device is it didn’t launch with Android 12 out of the box. But thankfully, it received an update for the Android 12-based MIUI 13.0.1 when I powered it on. Xiaomi has consistently stuck to its guns regarding its phone’s interface, and the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G is no different. And this may or may not work for you. I like its customizability, but I do miss the cleaner stock Android look. And I’m still not fond of seeing too many pre-installed apps. Unfortunately, you have a bunch of those here, too.

The Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G runs on a MediaTek 920 processor, which I’ve used on the vivo V23. It’s a perfectly adequate mid-range processor. I’ve had no troubles with app switching, video and photo recording, and even some light gaming. It could handle Asphalt 9 in its highest settings and let me play a few rounds of Mirrorverse when I want. It could easily switch between Wi-Fi and cellular connections, and I didn’t have any trouble with streaming. The fingerprint sensor on the power button is plenty responsive, too.

Xiaomi offers three configurations for this phone: 6GB + 128GB, 8GB + 128GB, and 8GB + 256GB. This phone also gets extra virtual RAM, which further improves performance. This phone also gets extra virtual RAM, which further improves performance.

There’s a “no-nonsense, get things done” vibe from this phone. And that extends to its more understated design. We were lent the Graphite Gray colorway, which isn’t the one I’d personally pick. I prefer either the Star Blue or Forest Green option.

The back has a matte finish that isn’t 100% smudge-proof. But it is easy to clean. I protect i by keeping it in the included jelly case. The Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G also has IP53 dust and splash resistance and a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection for the screen.

Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G hands-on showing the 108MP camera sensor

It has the same design typical to Redmi’s Pro devices with flattened sides and back. I like this look, but it does feel a bit bulkier than it should. This is a two-handed device, but you can easily rest it in one hand.

Play anytime, watch what you want with this phone

This handset isn’t just built for work. I’ve touched on gaming and content consumption briefly, but let’s discuss it more. This phone is also a great device to have for your downtime. With a large 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen, you can enjoy your games and shows on this device. The display is pretty bright. I could use it outdoors just fine. You get the screen technology you’ve come to expect on 2022 phones, like a 120Hz refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate.

The Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G is built for entertainment. It pairs this screen with a stereo speaker setup tuned by JBL. There is even a subtle logo of that on the phone itself. It makes watching and gaming on this phone enjoyable even without extra accessories. The sound coming out of the speakers offer decent volume and good bass for a device its size. You can use wired earbuds here because it comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the phone. With storage expansion via the second SIM slot, you can easily store your favorite content or games on this phone, too.

Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G with Asphalt 9 playing by LiTT website

Record your favorite moments with the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G

That extra storage will also come in handy if you’re the type to capture many of your precious moments. I take many photos and videos for work, and the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G could step up and help me out. It is equipped with a 108-megapixel Samsung HM2 sensor with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide and 2-megapixel telemacro lens. It can take high-resolution photos, but you’ll need to activate it through 108MP or Pro modes. Otherwise, it uses 9-in-1 pixel binning to produce 12-megapixel pictures, which is standard for devices like this.

Image quality is excellent, with focusing almost instantaneous for photos. I took it out on a dreary day, and it could hold its own. Photos didn’t look overexposed or underexposed. But you will sometimes lose some details in the highs and lows if you are in a darker area. There isn’t a drastic difference between the colors in the ultra-wide and the regular sensor, but the latter is sharper. The telemacro isn’t really anything remarkable. It’s just another extra sensor Xiaomi can claim it has.

It’s a better quality camera for photos rather than videos, though. Even when I shoot in 4K at 30 frames per second, it still feels like you lose more detail, especially when shooting indoors. You also have to make sure it’s in focus. I’ve used it for an unboxing (the first half of this video), and sometimes it takes a while for the camera to focus on a subject I’m bringing close to it.

Selfies are heavy on beautification, but you can turn that down if it isn’t your thing. It’s not a high-res camera, so it’s best used in bright environments. This is a camera built more for mobile photographers than videographers. But I love that Xiaomi’s camera app gives you many modes to play around with, so you can find what works with that capable 108-megapixel sensor.

What’s lit or what’s not?

What’s lit about it:

  • Impressively fast wired charging
  • Android 12 update available
  • MIUI’s customizability
  • Adequate day-to-day performance
  • Built for those who like the boxy smartphone design
  • Gets smudges but is still easy to clean
  • IP53 and Gorilla Glass 5 protection
  • Good quality display
  • Support for wired earphones
  • Decent audio out of the stereo speakers
  • Great photos from the 108MP photo
  • Different camera modes to play around with

What needs the extra spark:

  • No wireless charging
  • Heavily skinned MIUI might not be to your liking
  • Could do with fewer pre-installed apps
  • Simple smartphone design isn’t to my liking
  • A bit on the bulky side
  • Would prefer a telephoto lens over a subpar macro
  • Sometimes takes a few seconds to focus while recording video

Final thoughts

It’s admittedly hard to tell the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G apart from the rest of the series. Plus, it faces a lot of competition at its price point. But that doesn’t mean it can’t help you get the job done. It’s a capable smartphone that can handle most of what you need it for. If you’re not really looking for a device that needs to stand out and just really want that incredibly fast charging speed this phone offers (plus the use of its few extra handy perks), it should serve your needs well enough.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G retails for PHP 19,999 (approx. USD 363) for the 8GB + 128GB variant and PHP 21,999 (~USD 399) for the 8GB + 256GB model.

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