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Desk Setup Chronicles: Switching to an LG 4K monitor

My very simple desk setup took years in the making. I’ve recently switched up to an LG monitor and it’s literally given me a bigger, better perspective.

The LG 31.5'' UHD 4K HDR monitor on a desk by LiTT website
My desk is not so sorry anymore!

I’ve refused to get a monitor for the longest time. Heck, I refused to set up a work desk for far longer than I should have. Being trained as a tech journalist, I was taught to work on-the-go. And having worked tech shows and at tech shows, in planes, in restaurants, in cafes, in cafes at tech shows, I was pretty set on not having that setup. But then, the pandemic happened and I didn’t need to be anywhere else but my own sorry desk. Emphasis on sorry.

And so, after a two-year forced travel break that allowed me time and reflection (plus a lot of desk inspo from TikTok), I had set out to set up my desk. At this point, I’d transitioned to a full-time content creator and so work entailed more involved staring at screens with more involved activities (like editing).


Reply to @davidtheone.1 not final yet but here’s a sneak peek at desk setup progress! isadoestech TechKnowlogy LGmonitors LGUltragear LGUltrawide LGUHD4K

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Step 1 was looking at the bigger picture (pun always, always intended). My 14-inch MacBook Pro screen was switched out for an LG 31.5” UHD 4K HDR monitor and the difference this thing makes! I’m a multitasker so I have a number of open Desktops going at any point in time. A bigger screen just means a bigger surface area to distribute all the things I’m working on instead of swiping to another Desktop each time.

The LG 31.5'' UHD 4K HDR monitor on a desk by LiTT website

Aside from being bigger, this screen looks amazing. So, now the issue is how do I stop watching my shows on it so I can work more?

The LG 31.5'' UHD 4K HDR monitor on a desk by LiTT website

As cluttered as my screen is, though, I’m very particular about my desk space. I want less things living on my desk permanently. This, I admit, was my main apprehension with monitors which I figured was a gateway device to needing even more things on your desk. (First it’s a monitor, then it’s speakers…) But reader, I’m proud to report I’ve managed: The LG 31.5” UHD 4K HDR monitor features speakers and a sleek stand which leaves me the space I desire on my desk, relatively free for whatever other mess I make.

Top view of the LG 31.5'' UHD 4K HDR monitor by LiTT website

It was a pretty easy setup. The The LG 31.5” UHD 4K HDR monitor came with an HDMI cable and it’s a plug-and-play experience (if you have the right ports on your laptop). I use a 14-inch 2021 MacBook Pro which means I only had USB-Cs on my laptop but this was nothing a dongle couldn’t fix. There are two HDMI ports on this and a Display Port which proved useful when I switched to a laptop hub that only housed the same.

Aside from a whole new (world) view, my back now thanks me for proper desk ergonomics. As someone who spends long periods of time hunched toward a screen working, I wasn’t very good to my back. This all changed with the LG 31.5” UHD 4K HDR monitor.

As I sit here writing this, I can’t help feel a little silly. After all, I fought this—an upgrade that has made my life so much easier and my work so much more enjoyable—for so long. My desk now feels like my own little productive happy place and I’m not looking back—mostly because this monitor is what’s sitting in front of me. And yes, I mean that literally and figuratively.

Isa has most recently decided to build her home studio which has led to countless epiphanies on tech and life which she sometimes decides to write about. She has been using the LG 31.5” UHD 4K HDR monitor (32UN500-W).

You can purchase the monitor HERE. *

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