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Lenovo Q24i-1L: 3 reasons to get this stylish monitor

Monitors are functional gadgets, so the design isn’t top of mind usually. That’s why I appreciate brands that consider your living/working space and try to integrate the device as if it belongs there. If it doesn’t look like a drab rectangular box, it wins extra points from me.

The Lenovo Q24i-1L tries to win my favor with how it looks. And for the most part, I’m already swayed. But what else does it have to offer? Read on to find out.

You want a monitor to fit into your space

Making a space aesthetically pleasing isn’t just for the internet. I enjoy working in a room that looks nice. And Lenovo did an excellent job of making the Lenovo Q24i-1L fit into my work area. It gets a hefty base with a curved arm that makes the monitor “float” at an interesting angle. Its heft means it holds up the monitor well. It even gets a cable management loop that lets you follow the curve of the arm. Lenovo carefully considered the look of this monitor, and I appreciate that.

Having the panel significantly off the base lets me put things underneath the display. I’ve thought the rectangular base could serve an extra, possibly unnecessary function—wireless charging. It has the space for it, but, of course, that’ll require more parts and a price boost. I guess placing an existing wireless charger there would work, too. Am I the only one thinking that’s a missed opportunity, though?

Lenovo Q24i-1L on a table

With a 24-inch screen, the Lenovo Q24i-1L fits quite well with my standard office desk. It doesn’t add clutter; instead, it gives me extra screen real estate I’ve forgotten I could get after working from a laptop for a while. It’s also quite slim, around 37mm at its thickest point and about 10mm at its thinnest. The bezels on three sides are nearly edgeless, too. So, it only takes up the space it needs. You only get a thicker bezel at the bottom for controls. It’s a monitor for the minimalist who wants something unique-looking.

Lenovo Q24i-1L’s ease of setup and use

I haven’t used or assembled a monitor in a while, so I was initially concerned it’ll require more effort than necessary to put the Lenovo Q24i-1L together. Thankfully, it doesn’t. You must follow the illustrated instructions to get this monitor set up in no time.

You get all the accessories you need in the box, so it’s basically plug-and-play. I used the supplied HDMI cable to connect to the Huawei MateBook D 15 I use for work.

If you’re looking for a monitor you can swivel or has an adjustable height, then you’re looking at the wrong display. It only allows for tilting (-5° / 22°). But if you’re into mounting your monitor, this panel can work with VESA mounts.

My major gripe is the on-screen display takes some getting used to. I wasn’t used to it, even when the lending period was over. I was still fumbling over the controls trying to get to specific settings. There should be a more straightforward way to navigate the menus.

Your work doesn’t require the top-of-the-line specs

The Lenovo Q24i-1L is designed for home use, so it might not appeal to users who require better resolution and advanced display tech. It’s more for the professionals or students who use it for research, documents, content consumption, and some light gaming.

It has an IPS panel, giving you vivid colors and sharp images. And it has decent viewing angles close to 180°, meaning you can view it off from the side and still see what’s on the screen. The Lenovo Q24i-1L is configured for low blue light emission out of the box to help prevent eye strain for long periods of use.

It was helpful for my day-to-day tasks that revolved around online research, writing, and consuming content. I don’t really game, so I asked my dad’s opinion about its gaming performance. He found it usable enough for his purposes. He’s played it with titles like F1 2022, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and Cities: Skylines. The Lenovo Q24i-1L supports AMD FreeSync technology and has a 75Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time if you’re wondering about its gaming-related features.

The Lenovo Q24i-1L gets dual speakers on the panel, but they aren’t that great. I’ve preferred to use the audio from my laptop, and that’s not saying much. Plug in headphones or use external speakers with this display.

Speaking of ports, your options on the Lenovo Q24i-1L are limited, too. You only get one HDMI, one VGA, and audio out, confirming its placement as a home-use display. If you’re worried about power consumption, it only consumes a mere 20W typical (25W max).

What’s lit and what’s not?

What’s lit about it:

  • Unique, slim design
  • Solid construction
  • Nearly bezel-less panel
  • Easy to set up and use (for the most part)
  • Adequate display for many WFH users and students
  • IPS panel with vivid colors, sharp images, and decent viewing angles

What needs the extra spark:

  • Doesn’t allow for height adjustment or swiveling
  • Using the on-screen display isn’t intuitive
  • Built-in speakers lack volume
  • I/O options are limited

Final thoughts

The Lenovo Q24i-1L isn’t hard to recommend for typical users. It accomplishes its aim of being the type of display you’ll see on computers used at home by families. 

I can also see it working for those who do a lot of word processing, online work, or study. It might be lacking for those who do a lot of video work or play more intensive games. This isn’t for you if you’re in the latter two categories. 

Otherwise, it’ll make an excellent clean addition to your home office. I do still want Lenovo to toy with the idea of making that base a charging station, but that’s a conversation for another day.

The Lenovo Q24i-1L retails for EUR 209 or PHP 10,995. I’ve been seeing it discounted online, so it might be worth checking out now!

Buy the Lenovo Q24i-1L HERE. *

Are you planning on getting one? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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