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OnePlus 10T: 10 useful features to check out

OnePlus recently unveiled its new T series device to the international market, the OnePlus 10T. As with past launches, the T versions of its devices are considered incremental updates from the flagships introduced earlier in the year.

And now that device is making its debut locally, with OnePlus’ official debut in the Philippines. The company has been present in the country through retailer Digital Walker. But now, the brand will have its own store in the country with what we assume is improved service for local buyers.

So, you can expect better support for your new smartphone if you decide to spring for one. The OnePlus 10T retails for PHP 35,990 / USD 649 for its 8GB + 128GB variant. It’s coming first to the OnePlus Shopee store on August 26 and then to Lazada on September 9. OnePlus plans to bring other variants soon.

Check out the unboxing here:

What else to expect from the OnePlus 10T?

It undercuts the OnePlus 10 Pro’s USD 899 price tag and even devices like the Samsung Galaxy S22. And it gets the improved Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 flagship processor.

But OnePlus could lower the price through some compromises made with this phone. The most significant change is the loss of the signature alert slider. For the uninitiated, that slider allows you to switch the phone from ring to vibrate to silent. I don’t use it often, but it comes in handy on my OnePlus 9. According to Tech Advisor, the slider will come back in other OnePlus devices, but you won’t get it with this one.

OnePlus dropped the feature to keep the phone slim and fit in improved cooling. I haven’t had trouble with heating, even with its ridiculously fast 150W charging support for the 4,800mAh battery. But I’ll report back if that changes. 

The OnePlus 10T's screen

There isn’t wireless charging on this device, and it swaps the aluminum frame for a plastic one. OnePlus doesn’t mention any Ingress Protection for the 10T, but it gets Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both the front and back.

It has the same 50-megapixel Sony IMX766 sensor as the OnePlus Nord 2T paired with an 8-megapixel ultrawide and 2-megapixel macro lens. A 16-megapixel selfie camera completes the package.

While I love the Jade Green our unit comes in, the reflective finish is quite the smudge magnet. It might be better to get your hands on a case when you pick up this phone. While the curved edges at the back make it easier to hold, the finish can make it quite slippery. 

OnePlus 10T in Jade Green

While we’ve rounded up the basics you need to know about the OnePlus 10T, what good would specs do if you can’t get more out of the device? So, we wanted to compile some helpful features we’ve gotten to try out on this phone.

Live Captions for audio & video

This feature isn’t exclusive to the OnePlus 10T. This handset runs on the Android 12-based Oxygen OS 12.1, so you get some useful Android features thrown into the mix. One of these is the Live Captions option. You can quickly access this when you press on the volume rocker. It’s the little keyboard-like icon below the volume slider.

When you turn this on, the phone will overlay text on the screen when it detects some media in English. It works for songs, videos, and even podcasts. It’s a real-time translation, so there will be a bit of a delay. This feature comes in handy if you need to lower the volume and don’t have subtitles on what you’re watching. 

OnePlus Shelf

If you’re the type who prefers a clean home page but still wants access to widgets you frequently use, the OnePlus 10T has the OnePlus Shelf feature. You pull it up—or rather you drag it down—from the top-right corner of your phone in a similar way you’ll pull down the notification and quick settings panel. You can add or take out the widgets you want by tapping on the cogwheel in the top right corner of the Shelf.

Quick launch

As the name suggests, it can quickly launch apps or actions right using the fingerprint sensor. It works best coming from a locked screen. You’ll need to keep your finger on the under-display after it unlocks the phone to pull up the shortcuts you’ve chosen.

To access the feature, head to Settings > Password & Security > Fingerprint > Quick launch. You can select functions and apps you frequently use.

Work & Life mode on the OnePlus 10T

Want to create some work/leisure separation within your phone? OnePlus brings its Work & Life Modes into the OnePlus 10T. You can set up which apps can send you notifications based on certain times of the day. So, if you’re in Work Mode, you’ll only receive notifications from the work-related apps you pick. Life Mode, of course, focuses on notifications from social or entertainment-related apps.

You can set these up by heading into Settings > Special features > Work-Life Balance.

Dirty lens warning

One of the quickest ways to get better image quality is to clean the lens before you use it. If you forget to clean this regularly, you can have the phone alert you when the lens is dirty. In the Camera app, head to Settings located in the three-dot menu in the top-right corner. Scroll down to Useful features and then toggle on Show dirty lens warning.

Portrait distortion correction

Another camera trick you might want to try helps you out with portraits. The “Portrait distortion correction” can help fix that edge distortion that might happen when taking portrait photos. You can also access this through the Camera app’s Settings under the Photo section.

Long exposure

As for fun camera features, the OnePlus 10T gets a Long Exposure mode that makes it easier to do things like light paintings or capture moving vehicles or water and clouds. You can access this in the Camera app under the More section.

RAM expansion

Here’s a staple feature on OPPO phones that the company has brought to the OnePlus brand. You can add up to 7GB of extra memory from the 10T’s storage to boost performance. If you somehow find 16GB still lacking, you can access this feature through Settings > About device > RAM.

OnePlus 10T’s video enhancement features

The flat display and thin bezels on the OnePlus 10T make it easier to enjoy content on this smartphone. If you’re craving a better viewing experience, there are three features you can enable. There’s Image sharpener for improving low-quality images and videos. Video color enhancer is an SDR-to-HDR technology designed to widen the color gamut for a better viewing experience. And then there’s Bright HDR video mode that boosts screen brightness when playing HDR videos.

You can enable these features in Settings > Display & brightness > Video enhancement engine.

Smart rapid charging

If you’ve been looking for ridiculously fast charging, the OnePlus 10T supplies that with its included 150W charger. You can take better advantage of this with its Smart rapid charging feature. As OnePlus describes it, this function can detect situations “where you need to charge your device quickly.” Of course, it warns that your device could be a bit warmer when this feature kicks in.

To turn on Smart rapid charging, head into Settings > Battery > Smart rapid charging.

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