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UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2022: 6 fave collection pieces

UNIQLO updates its classics to bring more pieces we can use and reuse regularly. The UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2022 collection hopes to bring “classics for today that will last into the future.”

You can expect warmer and lighter jackets, water-repellent coats, knitwear made using WHOLEGARMENT technology, and even denim that requires less water.

If you need to update any of these staples, I wanted to share some of my favorites from the brand’s recent launch.

Women’s Corduroy Cropped Jacket

The cropped length in a boxy fit gives this jacket a sleek look, but its relaxed fit and dropped shoulders make it cozy to wear. Its classic corduroy fabric is washed to give off that softer look.

UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2022 Collection: Women's Corduroy Cropped Jacket

Women’s Fluffy Yarn Fleece

An ultimate example of coziness. This fuzzy fleece is made with long-pile yarn for a warm, light, and soft feel with a natural stretch. The length extends to the hips for added warmth and coverage.

Men’s Utility Parka

It might be labeled as a men’s item, but I definitely want one. The parka has been updated for a more relaxed and casual fit. Its design is practical, with five pockets at the waist, chest, and interiors.

UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2022 Collection: Men's Utility Parka

Men’s Sweat Full Zip Long Sleeve Hoodie 

The UNIQLO 2022 Fall/Winter collection adds an updated version of this hoodie. It features a trim design and fabric less prone to shedding. Its relaxed fit is roomy around the shoulders and chest, making it a great outer layer.

Women’s Drape Flared Pants

I’m loving this flattering piece from the UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2022 collection. These pants are made from crepe fabric with an elegant drape. They have center pleats that make them look pleasing on the body. Plus, they are wrinkle-resistant for easy care.

UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2022 Collection: Women's Drape Flared Pants

Men’s Wide Fit Work Pants

Based on classic painter pants, this pair offers a wide fit for casual styling. They feature moleskin fabric that creates a warm and laidback feel to them. 

What are you planning on picking up? Let us know in the comments!