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HONOR’s ‘Gateway to the Future’ brings an AR experience to a Hamburg cultural landmark

Alongside the launch of new gear at IFA 2022, HONOR also introduced a visual arts program that merges the physical and digital world through augmented reality experiences. What it wants to do is “reimagine cultural treasures in the metaverse.” And the pilot program for its “Gateway to the Future” project kicked off at an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hamburg. 

HONOR challenged two popular artists—Yunuene and Timo Helgert—to reimagine the Wasserschloss, an iconic landmark located in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt, in augmented reality (AR). The brand wanted to use technologies it develops (like artificial intelligence, AR, and Spatial Audio) to inspire global creative talent in finding new ways to share and experience culture in new, immersive ways.

Blooming Future

Yunuene’s contribution to Gateway to the Future is entitled “Sailing Through Time.” It pays tribute to the evolution of the city’s port, showing how innovation in marine logistics transformed over time with her signature visual aesthetic. 

Meanwhile, Timo Helgert’s experience “Blooming Future” takes a more futuristic approach. It plays on Hamburg’s status as one of the greenest cities of the world and creatively imagining what the Wasserschloss would look like in a green future where beautiful plants and endangered species can thrive, taking this historic landmark into an otherworldly realm.

Sailing Through Time, an artwork of Yunuene for HONOR's Gateway of the Future
Sailing Through Time

To make this Gateway to the Future project possible, HONOR partnered with ARLOOPA, an AR and VR development company. The experience will be available until the end of the year on the free ARLOOPA app. Those lucky enough to be in Hamburg can check it out from the Poggenmühlen-Brücke, the bridge opposite the Wasserschloss building. 

If you aren’t in Hamburg, you can still try it out through the app, you just need a flat surface to check out this AR experience.

As part of HONOR’s Talents Global Design Awards, Gateway to the Future hopes to inspire global talents to use technology and reimagine their spaces and communities in this era of the metaverse. HONOR Talents will be getting a dedicated AR Interactive Artwork Design category for the first time. You can now submit applications for digital art that transforms local neighborhoods. You can get more information about this here.

We’re always big fans of technology being used in cultural moments. What do you think?