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Philips 800 Series Air Purifier: Practical, compact purifier for your home

While we have just written about a cool statement appliance, we can’t ignore the practical ones. And one that helps make our home a safer place. Philips 800 Series Air Purifier falls comfortably in that category.

This air purifier promises clean indoor air at the push of a button. It promises to get rid of 99.5% of air allergens. And it does so in rooms up to 48m2.

The Philips 800 Series Air Purifier uses a multi-layer filtration technology built into all Philips Air Purification Solutions. It has a pre-filter that catches dust and air, while the NanoProtect HEPA filter is designed to capture over 99% of particles as small as 0.003 microns, smaller than the smallest known virus.

Philips 800 Series Air Purifier

This appliance’s compact size makes it easy to tuck away into your space. It has an auto purification mode that can sense and react to air changes in your home. For that extra assurance, it also has a color indicator to report real-time air quality (blue for good and red for poor).

And you can keep it running even as you sleep, operating at 35dba in sleep mode. The lights will also be dimmed so they won’t disrupt your slumber.

The Philips 800 Series Air Purifier retails at PHP 12,990 (around USD 226).

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