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You can get a Baby Yoda Tamagotchi soon

If you’re like me wondering how this hasn’t existed before, our wait has been rewarded. There will be a Baby Yoda Tamagotchi. Bandai Namco announced on Tuesday that the latest Star Wars-themed Tamagotchi would feature the beloved The Mandalorian character, Grogu.

The Grogu Tamagotchi Nano, as it’s officially called, gives you the chance to take care of Baby Yoda as you would a regular Tamagotchi. You’ll feed him squid chowder and macarons and take care of him by playing mini-games.

There are two mini-games, with additional titles that appear depending on how you interact with him. You get 10 playable outcomes.

Depending on how you care for Grogu, he’ll change into 12 different appearances. According to the company, three of these are secret/hidden changes.

Bandai Namco cautions against overfeeding Grogu, because “if you feed the Grogu Tamagotchi too much squid chowder, the squid will jump on him.” Yikes, we don’t want that!

Your Baby Yoda Tamagotchi should be available soon. The company says it’ll put it up for pre-order soon. It will be available in the Blue version or the “Using the Force” version, which comes with a removable silicone case.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but the R2-D2 Tamagotchi went for around USD 20 when it came out.

Of course, I want one. Are you planning on getting one? Let us know! We’d love to hear what other cool tech toys you’d want to see!

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