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Maya Savings introduces new features as it reaches milestone

Maya’s reached a significant milestone around five months after it launched its Maya Savings feature. The digital banking company reached the one million savings customer milestone, and with that celebration, we get a bunch of features you must take advantage of now.

Daily savings interest crediting. Most recently, Maya introduced a daily interest crediting in its savings feature. Yes, you can see your up to 6% per annum earnings daily in your Maya Savings transaction history—not monthly! 

More rewarding daily transactions. Maya also offers mission-led rewards to encourage customers to save and use digital for everyday transactions. Starting October 15, you’ll earn an already high base rate of 4.5% interest per annum on your savings, credited daily. You can quickly increase this to 6% in the next 30 days by paying with Maya for your everyday transactions. Simply spend at least PHP 250 (around USD 4) when paying for your purchases via Maya QR, card, or mobile number or settling your bills via the Maya app. This offer is available until November 30, 2022.  

Personalized Goals to manage your money. You can create up to five Personalized Goals with set target amounts and timelines for organized tracking, on top of a high-yield 6% interest rate available until December 31, 2022. Soon, daily interest rate crediting will also be available for this feature.  

Easy account opening and transfers. Accessing Maya Savings is easy—you only need an upgraded Maya wallet account. Once you have your account, you do not need to worry about maintaining a minimum balance. Fund transfers to other banks and financial institutions via PesoNet are free until December 31.  

Create your credit history. Every transaction you make in the Maya app, including Savings, can help you build your credit score. Maya offers eligible customers an instant revolving credit of up to PHP 15,000 (~USD 255), which you can use in your wallet or transfer to your savings. 

Have you opened a Maya Savings account yet? We want to know what you think!