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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition: What you need to know

We are suckers for a good tech and fashion collaboration here! So, we were excited to learn that a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition is coming!

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition

Okay, so there isn’t any other Samsung accessory that gets the Maison Margiela treatment, but the Galaxy Z Flip4 gets a new look we’re itching to pick up. 

The collaboration was brought about in Samsung’s “spirit of noncofrmity,” with each distinctive element infused with Margiela’s originality and values. It extends not just to the rear design or the accompanying cases but to the UX and packaging, too.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition comes in white with a matte finish “weaved” into the phone. The flip phone takes on the Parisian luxury label’s décortiqué technique, which strips back an object’s outer layers to expose the core. In this case, the phone gets a translucent line around the edges that may signify its internal circuits, and at the center is the fashion house’s trademark number designation.

The edges of the phone are wrapped around a matte silver white frame, which the brands say is the “perfect balance with the white.”

The UX and the accessory

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition also gets a new UX design, complete with tailor-made icons and wallpapers. It’s that reminder that you have a limited edition version of an unusual smartphone.

This device comes with two cases. One is a leather case showing off Maison Maison Margiela’s bianchetto technique. It features a white canvas and the four stitches emblem of the brand that signifies anonymity. The case is overpainted to create a texture that feels canvas-like and may change the case’s appearance over time. 

The second case has Maison Margiela’s iconic numeric coding ring reinterpreted as a ring holder of the phone. It still has the four-stitch emblem.

Samsung is selling this limited edition unit in a few markets—Korea, Hong Kong, and France. In its home country, the exclusive Z Flip4 retails for KRW 2,255,000 (around USD 1,700), with only 100 units being sold in that market. But they’ll be sold through a raffle system in Korea at the start of the month.

The collab teaser

Samsung teased its collab with the Paris-based luxury fashion house for the Galaxy Z Flip4 and what we think might be more. 

As you see in the teaser image, it has this paper-like texture to it. But it also has the fashion brand’s trademark number designation for what kind of product you’re holding. The number 11 is encircled, meaning this particular device is an accessory. And that tracks from Samsung’s branding of the Galaxy Z Flip4 as a fashion accessory, too.

We’re pretty confident we will see a Galaxy Watch and possibly Galaxy Buds Maison Margiela Edition devices, too, if past fashion collaborations from Samsung are any indication. 

The brand teased a few days back on its Instagram how the fashion house’s “signature design” is being interpreted for the Galaxy line. Samsung threw around words like Margiela’s “iconic four stitches” and “emblematic numeric coding ring.” 

We’re excited to see more, but for now, we’re left with the words: “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition. Coming soon. Stay tuned.” We’ll make sure to update this post when the launch happens!

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