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Polar Ignite 3 lets you know when you’re most alert

Polar might not be a familiar name in the casual smartwatch user crowd, but it wants to make a bid for your attention with this new wearable. What makes the Polar Ignite 3 unique? It takes a different approach to sleep tracking by using that data to predict how alert you’ll be throughout the day. 

Circadian rhythms and ‘alertness’ forecasts

You can consider sleep tracking a basic smartwatch feature already. But the Polar Ignite 3 wants to set itself apart with its in-depth sleep analysis. Its SleepWise feature can offer forecasts on when you’re most alert during the day based on your sleep cycles or circadian rhythm. The idea is it can help you find the best time to train or be productive and even let you know when the best time to sleep is. It’s a feature for those types who want to optimize their day or at least make sure their best hours are used on demanding tasks. It’s an appealing feature to me, to be honest.

Polar Ignite 3 set with an alarm
This pairs perfectly with Polar’s existing Nightly Recharge feature that takes note of your overnight recovery. It monitors how well your body responds or copes with stressors during the day. You’ll see this data when you wake up in the morning.

Other Ignite 3 features

You’ll see that data and more on the 1.28-inch circular AMOLED always-on display with Gorilla Glass 3.0 protection. It has a look that’s reminiscent of the new Pixel Watch According to Polar, battery life can last up to five days on a single charge or up to 30 hours with GPS, if you’re in training mode. It already has a leg up with other competitors at its price point.

The Polar Ignite 3 can track over 150 different workouts. It can offer in-training voice guidance, which you can hear either through Bluetooth headphones or through a connected smartphone (via the Polar Flow app). This watch also gets multi-band GPS to make it easier to map out challenging environments like cities or dense forests. If you go on outdoor hikes, this watch can come in handy.

Other features include daily exercise suggestions to suit your condition, support for your favorite fitness apps, and customizable quick-access widgets to see what you want and need.

Polar Ignite 3’s price and availability

The Polar Ignite 3 is available now for USD 330. The watch comes in four colors with a matching band—Night Black, Greige Sand, Purple Dusk, and Brown Copper. 

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