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3 favorite UNIQLO x Mame Kurogouchi looks

Comfort plays a key role in how I choose my outfits. But I’m also hoping for garments that offer that versatility, allowing me to reuse them in multiple ways. The UNIQLO x Mame Kurogouchi Fall/Winter 2022 Collection falls perfectly within that scope.

It is designed with “comfort” and “beauty” in mind. The collection is a mix of inner and outerwear, giving that versatility for mixing and matching fits for your daily life. 

I’ve gathered three looks from the UNIQLO x Mame Kurogouchi lookbook that I love.

Day-to-night look

The 3D Knit Souffle Yarn Ribbed Bustier (PHP 1,490) was a crowd favorite during this collection’s launch. It’s designed to softly wrap around your body for comfort and warmth. You can wear it on its own or even over the top of another blouse.

There’s also a new HEATTECH Wool Blend Flare Slit Leggings (PHP 990) that can work as inner wear or pair with this bustier, as we’ve seen in the lookbook.

Seamless innerwear

This next look falls right under that undergarment section. There are three new UNIQLO x Mame Kurogouchi wireless bras. But this mesh option (PHP 1,290) is a personal favorite. You can pair that with matching mesh hip-hugger shorts (PHP 390). 

And then, to help create that seamless silhouette, there’s also the new Body Shaper Non-Lined Half Shorts (PHP 790). It’s designed to gently sculpt the thighs, midsection, and hips, staying comfortable for all-day use.

Ready for cooler weather

This look gives that stylish one-piece silhouette. It features the new Mame Kurogouchi 3D Knit Ribbed Square Neck Long Sleeve Sweater (PHP 1,990), the new Wireless Seamless Bra (PHP 1,290), and the lovely 3D Knit Ribbed Long Skirt (PHP 1,990).

UNIQLO x Mame Kurogouchi availability

If you check out the rest of the collection, there are more of these simple yet versatile pieces ready to suit your style. You can check out the UNIQLO x Mame Kurogouchi collection online or through these select stores.

What’s your favorite piece from the collection? Send us a shoutout on social media!