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vivo V25 Pro: How to capture your precious holiday moments

There’s something quite magical about seeing a city lit up with all the lights and pretty decorations. And this time of the year, we’re spoiled with all those bright lights. And it makes us want to capture them all. The vivo V25 Pro and the rest of its series mates make that possible.

There are many features you can take advantage of on this pro device. And I’m here to help you figure out the best ones to use, so you’ll never miss out on documenting your precious memories this holiday season (and beyond).

Putting your best face forward

While I’ve been pretty impressed with the vivo V25’s cameras, the vivo V25 Pro wanted to step up the game further with an impressive showing of its selfie-taking abilities. This phone has your back with your typical well-lit selfies, but I’ve seen it shine more in low light, which isn’t as common as I’d like to see in smartphones.

For this season of bright lights and night-time celebrations, it’s a good device to have in your arsenal. Capture your holiday fit, makeup looks, and group photos in the most flattering photos possible. The 32-megapixel selfie camera has an eye-autofocus feature to make sure you’re in focus in the photos. You can activate it in the settings as you see in the screenshots below.

To get the most flattering shots though, I’d suggest using the Portrait mode when taking selfies because of the flexibility it offers. Not only does it adjust the background blur/bokeh, but you can also apply adjustable makeup filters, and even get pose guides if you’re feeling a bit stumped over how to pose for your pictures. (I’d also advise you to look up @davidsuh for some handy posing tips.) For extra help, turn on the HDR and HD portrait options, too. Those are visible at the top of the Portrait mode setting in the camera app.

The vivo V25 Pro’s Night mode also has those basic beautification features, but the most flexibility you’ll get is with the Portrait mode when taking selfies. My favorite selfies from this phone were taken at night. I used storefront lights and Christmas lights to illuminate my face and it blew me away how much detail and how clear those selfies turned out. I have a few of those samples below.

  • vivo V25 Pro Night selfies
  • vivo V25 Pro Night selfies
  • vivo V25 Pro Night selfies

If you want the more artsy selfies that require minimal effort, there’s also the Double Exposure feature you can check out. As the name suggests, it lets you overlay one image on top of the other and use the different cameras on your phone to get those artistic shots.

See the unseen

Great selfies and portraits aren’t the only strength of the vivo V25 Pro. It also sports a versatile camera setup to photograph the beautiful sites around you. During this holiday season, it gives you the ability to capture stunning backdrops, unforgettable events, and just the little life moments worth capturing. And it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, I’d daresay, this phone is an excellent companion for those nighttime memories.

The vivo V25 Pro packs a 64-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL GW1 processor, an 8-megapixel super-wide-angle 120-degree, and a 2-megapixel super macro lens. You’ll find the most use out of that main sensor. It shoots at 16 megapixels by default, but you can use the full-resolution 64MP mode if you want. The wide-angle lens comes in handy for getting a wider scene. It won’t be as crisp as pictures taken with the main camera, but it gives you room to play around especially since it also works in Night mode, too.  

  • vivo V25 Pro Auto photos
  • vivo V25 Pro Auto photos
  • vivo V25 Pro Auto photos

Speaking of Night mode, it’s one of the key modes you have to keep in the back of your mind when using this phone. I don’t use the Pro settings in a smartphone camera (but the vivo V25 Pro has that if you need it), so when it comes to tricky lighting situations I tend to depend on features like Night mode to help me get the job done. And it’s a simple point-and-shoot situation, too.

You can adjust focus and exposure if you’re trying to achieve a certain look (just tap on your subject and adjust the slider to adjust your exposure). You also have access to built-in filters if there’s a specific aesthetic you’re going for (you can see these filters under the Style icon near the bottom right of the camera app). I’m loving the Dreamy Spotlight option. But there are other options you can experiment with on this phone. You can also play around with lights through a Long Exposure feature. (It’s the square-like box with three lines running through it). It lets you capture light trails, traffic, fireworks, water flow, and more.

  • vivo V25 Pro Night photos
  • vivo V25 Pro Night photos
  • vivo V25 Pro Night photos
  • vivo V25 Pro Night photos
  • vivo V25 Pro Night photos

The rear Portrait mode also comes with some fun bokeh effects, filters, and poses, which we’ve gotten to try on the standard V25. So, you can also take advantage of those features on the V25 Pro. vivo adds a Super Night option for the Pro phone to get you better low-light portraits. It seems to be enabled by default, so you just have to point and shoot. You can see this option at the top center in the Camera app.

Ready for your vlogs & highlight reels

It’s not just about pictures with the vivo V25 Pro, though. This smartphone will also come in handy for recording special moments. It’ll work for full-time content creators, hobbyists, or just anyone wanting to share videos online (or keep them for themselves).

The main 64-megapixel rear camera supports up to 4K recording at 60 frames per second, while the selfie camera supports 1080p at 60fps. I would’ve wanted higher-resolution video recording with the front camera, though. It lets you zoom up to 10x digitally, but if you’re recording in the Super Night mode as I’ve done in the video below, you’ll only get up to 2x.

It makes sense to enable Super Night when shooting in low light. (It’s that waxing crescent icon at the top of the Camera app.) It can automatically detect if you’re shooting in low light and adjust the settings to suit the lighting situation. And if you do a lot of handheld shooting, which most of us do anyway, keep at least the Standard Stabilization enabled. It’s enabled by default, but you can switch it up to Ultra Stabilization. (You can access these settings through that camera icon with squiggly lines beside the Super Night mode.)


@LiTT Tech (mostly!) Lil camera test with the vivo V25 Pro at the @vivo_philippines’ A Picture Perfect Night with @thisislany! #vivoxLANY #vivoV25Pro #littwebsite #techtok


Just remember that it crops in when you use these modes. You can still zoom in to 10x with the Standard Stabilization, but you can’t zoom in with Ultra Stabilization. Ultra-wide video recording isn’t available on this phone either. If you want to record with the selfie camera, you can zoom in up to 2x. It also has a stabilization feature called Steadiface. (It’s that person-shaped icon with the squiggly lines beside it at the top.) That centers you when recording in this mode, so if you’re the type to walk and talk, this can help you out.

If you’re the type to share highlight reels on your social media, the vivo V25 Pro also gets the new Vlog Movie mode, which we got to try on the vivo V25. There are a few templates you can experiment with on this phone for those easily shareable video snippets. I wish there were more options or a chance to create your own, but they certainly help spark that creativity a bit.

More on the vivo V25 Pro’s vlogging features

Speaking of the vivo V25 Pro’s vlogging capabilities, there are a bunch of features you can use or enable to get the most out of this phone. A favorite feature I have is the Vocal Enhancement option. It’s the only icon you’ll see on the top right if you start recording a video. This tries to cancel out ambient noise so your voice can be heard clearly. It’s not a feature I’d suggest you enable at concerts, but for vlogging, it’s handy when you don’t have a microphone or headphones on hand.

Vivo also lets you use the V25 Pro’s selfie beauty features to enhance your videos. So, if you want to shoot but don’t have the energy to put makeup on, this phone can help you out. It’s come in clutch for me on days when I don’t feel like getting dolled up.

Other vivo V25 Pro features you need to know

This is going to be slightly off-tangent, but I’m assuming you’d also want to know a bit about the phone itself. It’s still a phone even with all these cool camera features.

The V25 Pro gets vivo’s signature Photochromic version 2.0, which changes the color of the back when it’s hit by UV light or sunlight. And with a Fluorite AG Matte back, it gets a matte finish that’s also fingerprint- and scratch-resistant. It’s also protected from water and dust with an IP54 rating.

The vivo V25 Pro runs on a MediaTek Dimensity 1300 processor paired with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. That means you can store so many photos and videos on this phone and you can expect it to run smoothly while you shoot.

You can enjoy all the videos and photos you’ve shot on its 6.56-inch 3D curved AMOLED screen. Scrolling is smooth with its support for a 120Hz refresh rate, and content is enjoyable with HDR 10+ support.

The 4,830mAh battery might not be the biggest, but it supports speedy 66W FlashCharge to get you topped up quickly.

vivo V25 Pro price, availability, & ‘Paskong La vivo Loca’

The vivo V25 Pro retails for PHP 29,999 (around USD 524). You can get it in Surfing Blue and Starlight Black.

If you buy the vivo V25 Pro from now until January 31, 2023, you earn a chance to play the Christmas Paroleta and Lucky Box Raffle by vivo. The Paroleta lets you test your luck in a game of roulette. With the vivo V25 Pro, you earn two spins on the roulette, allowing you to choose the best prize to take home (only one item).

You also get to play your luck with vivo’s Lucky Box Raffle. All you have to do is draw a number from the raffle box and check what prize you may have won.

Both games entitle you to win prizes like a smartwatch, premium tumbler, headset, PHP 200 vivo store voucher (to be used for e-commerce platforms only such as Lazada, Shopee, and vivo official website store), umbrella, 6 months warranty, 64GB SD card, and PHP 100-200 BASEUS vouchers. On top of all these exciting prizes, you have a chance to take home the grand prize—a vivo V25 smartphone!

The #vivoChristmasParoleta2022 and #vivoChristmasLuckyBoxRaffle are available in vivo kiosks, concept stores, and main multi-brand stores nationwide. To claim, winners will be asked to fill out a Google form with their purchase and personal information to better track the items sent out. Participants have to be 18 years old and older to qualify.

What else do you want to know about the vivo V25 Pro? We’d also love to hear what other Random Tech Tips you want to learn from us, so, sound off on our socials!