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How to set up your Maya username

Want to make it easier to transfer money from your account to a friend? Maya lets you send and receive money with your own username. Using your Maya username makes for a more convenient, safer, and personalized money transfer experience. You can just use your @username to request payments.

The upside to this change means you keep other personal data private, including your account name and mobile number. Upgraded Maya app users have access to this feature.

Setting up your Maya username

Setting up your Maya @username is easy. You simply need to:  

  • Tap the “Profile” icon on the upper-left corner and tap “Get Started.”  
  • Key in your preferred @username and hit “Confirm.”  
  • Finish off by keying in the One Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS.  
  • Once you’ve registered your preferred @username, your friends can now use this to send money to your account.

A username is unique to each Maya account holder, so choose well! You can have the option to present your username or your mobile number registered to your Maya account whenever you want to receive money through Maya. In general, registration of usernames is on a first-come, first-served basis, and to ensure protection, Maya has provided guidelines for username registration here

Maya username setup how to

How to send money with your new Maya @username

It’s also simple to send money once you have your username.

  • Tap “Send Money” on the Maya app  
  • Key in the recipient’s @username, input the amount to send, and tap “Continue.”  
  • Review the “Send Money” transaction details and tap “Send.”
  • Wait for Maya’s confirmation via SMS.

Maya has also partnered with Giphy to help you add a personal touch to your Send Money transactions. To make your send money transaction fun, you can now throw some GIF action in there! With over 10 billion GIFs, you’re sure to find one that can perfectly complement how you feel. 

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