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LG CordZero Cordless Handstick Vacuum can empty the bin on its own

The LG CordZero line of cord-free vacuums made their Philippine debut yesterday. And this lineup brings with it one of the more high-tech vacuums we’ve seen, offering an auto-emptying function through an included All-in-One Tower.

Let’s find out what you’re getting with the LG CordZero Cordless Handstick Vacuum with All-in-One Tower (A9T-Ultra)!

LG CordZero Cordless Handstick Vacuum with All-in-One Tower (A9T-Ultra) and its Kompressor tech

Say goodbye to full bins

One gripe I have about cordless vacuums is the bin cleanup process. It can be a bit inelegant, allowing some of the dust to re-circulate in your home. But LG found a clever solution for this with the included charging tower. This premium model of the LG CordZero line comes with an All-in-One Tower that serves as a dock for the vacuum, charging station, accessory holder, and trash bin.

That trash bin is the most interesting thing as it automatically empties the LG CordZero’s built-in bin and transfers it to the dust bag included in the tower. With its three-step filtration system, the tower can capture and trap fine dust within the All-in-One Tower, guaranteeing you don’t have the collected dust re-circulating in your space. A UVC LED is directed on the dust bag, ensuring bacterial growth won’t be possible there. 

According to the LG representatives I talked to, it should take around three months before you need to empty that dust bag. You can’t wash this bag, though. But it’ll keep for about a year. LG includes an extra replacement bin with the LG CordZero, so you get an extra year before needing a spare.

You actually won’t need to empty the LG CordZero’s built-in bin often either. LG’s KOMPRESSOR technology compresses collected dirt in the bin so it can take more before needing to be discarded.

Powerful motor and washable filters

The LG CordZero guarantees an easy cleaning experience with the help of its brushless Smart Inverter Motor. It can spin at high speed to generate a powerful suction of up to 200W. LG’s confident of the long-lasting power of this motor, guaranteeing a 10-year parts warranty for it.

This vacuum has a five-step filtration system to ensure it traps 99.999% of dust particles as small as 0.5 microns.

While the dust bag in the All-in-One Tower isn’t washable, a lot of the other parts are. The metal filter, cloth pre-filter, and fine dust filter can all be removed and washed in water to clean the dirt.

LG’s ThinQ app will make it easier to maintain the LG CordZero. It can let you know about battery and filter status, help you run a diagnosis, and learn about your cleaning history.

Clean the spaces you need with the LG CordZero

This vacuum’s multiple attachments ensure you have the right accessory for the right cleaning job.

One of the more intriguing ones is the Power Drive Mop. It can vacuum and mop for you simultaneously. It has a three-level water control mechanism that adjusts how much water is dispensed from the water supply tank.

The LG CordZero offers one-touch control, so you don’t have to be pressing continuously while cleaning. The vacuum has a telescopic pipe that you can adjust to four lengths for extra versatility.

LG CordZero price and availability

The LG CordZero Cordless Handstick Vacuum with All-in-One Tower (A9T-Ultra) retails for PHP 64,900 (around USD 1,169), but its introductory price slashes that cost significantly. You can get it for PHP 49,920 (~USD 899) right now. 


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