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Wrap up 2022 with these Spotify Original podcast specials

As we wind down for the year, we can’t help but reflect on the year that’s gone. Spotify wants to reminisce 2022 from some of its leading Spotify Original podcasts.

Here are three specials we’d recommend you check out!

Ang Ganda Academy Awards: Wake Up with Jim & Saab

The Oscars is *shaking* because the Ang Ganda Academy Awards are back! Join Jim & Saab as they recognize the worst and the best pop culture content and moments of 2022. There’s everything from TV shows to home budols, and WATDASPRAK moments. Episode 1 will look into the dance trends of the year—from Tu Tu to Na Na Na—with Nana Silayro as one of the first guests!

Spotify Original: Ang Ganda Academy Awards cover photo

Happy Ending: Punchline with Alex Calleja

End 2022 with a bang and a good laugh with Alex Calleja’s Happy Ending podcast. Self-proclaimed “Internet Action Star” Ramon Bautista joins Alex for the first episode as they find answers to “Ano ang nagpapasaya sayo, ngayong patapos na ang 2022?” 

On the theme of his year-end special, Alex Calleja shares, “Through the stories shared by my guests in the Happy Ending podcast, I hope to give inspiration and convey a message of hope that regardless of the hardships they’ve experienced this 2022, there’s always a reason to be happy and end the year on a good note.”

C’Mon Guys, it’s 2022: Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast 

JP Habac and Antoinette Jadaone count down the best and the worst of 2022 with their correspondents Milo Elmido, Jr, Yani Villarosa, Hyro Aguinaldo, and Inah Evans. Tune in to the first episode as they talk through 2022’s breaking breaking news!

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