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The LG ARTCOOL Gallery aircon masks as an art piece

Air conditioners are essential appliances in our homes, but they don’t look great. So, we definitely appreciate any attempt at making these look better. LG takes a stab at this with the new LG ARTCOOL Gallery. This aircon has a 27-inch LCD screen that can showcase artwork, family photos, and more, hiding the fact that it’s actually an air conditioning unit.

You can showcase your favorite photos or animated images on the framed display. LG has options for you in the ThinQ app if you don’t want to go the personalized route. But it appeals to us more because you can handpick what it displays.

But, of course, it’s still an air conditioner. It is equipped with LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor for energy-efficient cooling. The company boasts it uses up to 70 percent less power than the conventional residential air conditioner. Its three-way airflow provides indirect airflow suitable for any space in your home. You can control it through a smart remote or a mobile app (which is Android-exclusive for now).

The LG ARTCOOL Gallery also stays quiet, operating at noise levels as low as 20 decibels. It houses a “hidden” bottom vane that closes when the appliance is in Sleep Mode. LG assures your home gets “pleasantly fresh airflow” with its AI Dry feature. It automatically sets the optimal drying time based on operation time and mode selection. AI Dry removes any moisture formed inside the air conditioner. This new model also has a detachable bottom grill that you can clean as needed.


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LG plans to showcase the LG ARTCOOL Gallery at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show 2023. And we’ll be covering the event as it happens, so watch for our CES 2023 content, including more from LG. Make sure to check out our CES 2023 tag for more info!

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