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Samsung Flex Hybrid concept folds and slides into a bigger screen

Samsung Display didn’t want to choose between a folding or sliding concept. Instead, the new Samsung Flex Hybrid combines both. 

When folded, it’s a compact 4.2-inch or so device. But then, the left side of this prototype “smart mobile device” folds out into a 10.5-inch 4:3 display, making it appear like a book-style tablet. If you want something to watch movies on, the Samsung Flex Hybrid slides out further to a 12.4-inch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio. 

Samsung Display's Flex Hybrid in a semi-folded position

Based on Samsung Display’s renders, the Samsung Flex Hybrid hides its extra couple of inches under the right side of the display, giving it a bit of heft.

Samsung Display hasn’t shared the specifics on this OLED screen. But we aren’t surprised, given it’s a concept display. The company plans to show off this concept at the ongoing CES 2023 tech show alongside its other slidable prototype displays built for laptops.

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