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Citizen CZ Smart uses AI to help you combat fatigue

The new Citizen CZ Smart debuts at CES 2023 with an interesting feature. This new wearable comes with a built-in AI “self-care advisor” that can determine when you’re most alert or tired. 

Citizen CZ Smart and its Power Fixes

Citizen worked with IBM Watson Studio to build tools into the watch and its proprietary app to make this possible. The Citizen CZ Smart’s YouQ app uses IBM Watson’s neural networks to learn your chronotype or preferred sleep and wake timing over a seven to 10-day period. 

It uses that sleep data and the results from an Alert Monitor test in the app to get your chronotype. This test is based on the Psychomotor Vigilance Test NASA has used to assess astronauts’ alertness. According to Citizen, it’s a short test you can take daily. (If you want NASA’s test, there’s actually an app for that, too.)

That information will then be paired with the more typical health data points like heart rate, activity, sleep patterns, etc., so it can learn your habits and offer suggestions on how you can mitigate fatigue and improve alertness. Citizen’s official name for this is Power Fixes, which it also designed using NASA research.

The Citizen CZ Smart is following an ongoing trend in the wearable tech industry where brands are looking for ways to contextualize the data it gets from you. (We’ve seen something similar from Polar recently.) And for those who rely on the numbers they get from their fitness trackers, this addition is more than welcome. It doesn’t look like Citizen is charging extra for this information.

Other features

If you’re curious about its other smartwatch features, it looks like it’s only available in the 44mm size with different band options, including silicone, link, and mesh straps. This Wear OS watch runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+ chip with 8GB of RAM and over 24 hours of use with “faster charging.”

The Citizen CZ Smart also comes pre-loaded with Strava, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Alexa. It works with iPhone or Android devices.

The watchmaker has already opened pre-orders on Amazon for the Citizen CZ Smart, with a starting price of USD 375. It will launch in March 2023.

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