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How to install Huawei Health on your Android phone

So, you bought a new Huawei wearable, but you plan to use it with an Android device. You’ll need the Huawei Health app to manage your new device. But you somehow can’t find the app anywhere. What now?

We recently discovered that the Huawei Health app isn’t available on the Play Store. With the US sanctions against Huawei still in effect, it’s unsurprising that we can’t access apps through an American company’s app store.

Huawei has a workaround for this on its website, which we’ve shared in the video below:


Replying to @miikqhia Looks like the only way you can install the Huawei Health app these days is through Huawei’s website! #huaweihealthapp #huaweihealth #howtoinstall #littwebsite #techtok

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Sideloading apps might not be an ideal solution, but it’s the best we have for now. This is also our time to remind you you should only install apps from reputable sources or official company websites like what we did for this app. We don’t want to put you and your data at risk.

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