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L’Oreal Brow Magic prints the ‘perfect brows’ onto your face

We always look forward to L’Oreal’s presence at CES because it gives us a glimpse at how the beauty industry integrates technology into its products. And this year isn’t any different. The L’Oreal Brow Magic lives up to its, as far as the demos we’ve seen of the product. 

Plus, the beauty company has another new gadget that we need to talk about. This one is built to help those with hand and arm mobility issues. But first, let’s talk about those brows.

L’Oreal Brow Magic: True to its name?

L’Oreal tapped Prinker to bring the Brow Magic to life. Prinker is a Korean company known for making handheld temporary tattoo printers. L’Oreal designed this makeup applicator to help you get an eyebrow look that complements your facial features and natural brow shape.

First, you’ll need to scan your face using L’Oreal’s Modiface technology on your phone. The app will scan your face so it can offer two to three brow options. You’ll see how each brow looks with the help of augmented reality. The app will superimpose the brows on your face to help you decide.

Once you’ve picked the one you want, you can select it as is or tweak the suggested brows by making it thinner or thicker. You can then pick up the L’Oreal Brow Magic applicator and swipe on the brows in one sweeping motion.

According to a representative from L’Oreal, the device has sensors that know how fast you’re moving and detect the hairs on your brows. This allows the Brow Magic to dispense the right amount of ink at the proper speed. 

The L’Oreal Brow Magic can remember your selection, so you can get the same look the next time. But the app can also save the shape for you. The ink is designed to last up to two days. But you can swipe it off with regular makeup remover after a day out, too.

L’Oreal plans to offer the Brow Magic by the end of the year in nine shades. We don’t know the exact price yet. But pricing might be between USD 149 and 199.

The beauty brand is also looking at making another version of this device. This iteration could give recommendations for shaping and tweezing. And we are curious to see how this one works. Maybe next CES

Meet the L’Oreal HAPTA

The name might not give away what it does. But the new HAPTA device is a handheld, motorized applicator for applying lipstick. At least, that’s the first version of this product. 

L’Oreal’s Lancome brand will pilot the system first this year. But the company envisions bringing this for other makeup applications, too.

HAPTA is designed specifically for users with limited hand and arm mobility. Its technology is based on the Alpha-owned Verily’s tech. Verily offers a device that levels and stabilizes utensils for people with mobility issues so they can eat independently.

As for HAPTA, it offers smart motion controls and customizable attachments to allow for precise application. It has 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of flexion. 

You connect the attachments magnetically. HAPTA gets you an hour’s use out of a single charge, which should be good for 10 or more applications. You need around three hours to recharge its battery completely.

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