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Cute cases to buy for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

If you are on the hunt for new cute cases that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right story. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is probably one of the most fun phones to decorate. And since our editor has her own Flip4, this post feels somewhat self-serving. But we hope it still helps you out!

KISSCASE Bear case

SRP: PHP 550 Sale price: PHP 387

This pastel-colored case adds cute little bear and ribbon accents. It even has little straps that let you carry around the Flip4 when folded.

Buy the KISSCASE Bear case HERE. *

KISSCASE Floral/Graffiti case

SRP: PHP 556 Sale price: PHP 285

There are two flavors for this case. You can choose the floral cases in shades of blue, or opt for the graffiti one in yellow or black. The cute cases come with long lanyards so you can wear your phone like a small handbag.

Buy the KISSCASE Floral/Graffiti case with lanyard HERE.

HOCE Flip-style Pink case

SRP: Starts at PHP 499 Sale price: Starts at PHP 269

We’ve seen versions of this case all over TikTok, so you can get your hands on one now, too! There are options of just getting the case, or the one with the pink puff, or the cute ball chain strap.

Buy the HOCE Flip-style Pink case HERE.

Oil painting-style case

SRP: PHP 250 Sale price: PHP 200

If you want this minimal, oil painting-style case, there are a number of them to choose from in the link below.

Buy the Oil Painting-style case HERE.

Flexible Wrist Strap Stand case

SRP: PHP 299

If you want something that’s on the simpler side, this case with this color block design will suit you. It’s extra handy because that wrist strap works as a stand, too!

Buy the Flexible Wrist Strap Stand case HERE.

Braid pattern phone bag

SRP: PHP 1,200 Sale price: PHP 639

If the Aranaz Charlie mini cube bag is out of your price range, here’s a cute dupe. It’s built to fit the phone, but it doesn’t come with the phone case you see in the link. You’ll have to get that separately.

Buy the Braid pattern phone bag HERE.

Checkboard case with strap

SRP: PHP 418 Sale price: PHP 334

Now, if you don’t want a bag, you can get a case that looks like one. This checkboard case is a cute simple one to have. It has a card case, but it’s actually tighter than it looks, so you might not be able to cram your cards in this.


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♬ カタコト – sloppy dim

Buy the Checkboard case with strap HERE. 

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