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Neutrogena has skincare you can eat

Neutrogena’s latest collaboration with personalized supplements specialist Nourished re-evaluates your skincare routine. The two brands take the “beauty from within” approach with their new supplement designed to improve and pamper your skin.

SKINSTACKS are personalized dietary supplements created to target your specific skin needs. It takes advantage of Nourished’s expertise in 3D-printed vitamins, so the gummies it prints offer the nutrients your skin needs.

How it works

To get your personalized SKINSTACKS vitamins, you’ll need to use Neutrogena‘s Skin360 app. Your gummies will then be prepared and made available for purchase via SKINSTACKS’ website.

The app relies on artificial intelligence to help with your skin diagnosis. Its algorithm has used over 100,000 skin pixels to analyze over 2,000 facial attributes. And it was developed with the help of over 10,000 facial databases across ethnicities, skin types, and ages (between seven to 70 years old) with 10+ types of lighting.

It’ll ask you to scan your cleansed skin to give an initial assessment of your skin’s current state. You’ll then fill out a questionnaire to share your goals, beauty routine, and the issues you encounter daily (including the pollution level where you live).

The made-to-order skincare gummies will come in a 28-day pack costing USD 49.99. You’re expected to get it within 14 days of ordering. So far, we believe SKINSTACKS is only available in the US.

Neutrogena and Nourished recommend you check every three months to see if you need a different formula for your skin. As seasons change and you enter different life stages, your skin is bound to change, too.

What’s in your SKINSTACKS skincare gummies?

Like other Nourished vitamins, the ingredients appear stacked on the gummies, and each layer has been selected to address specific needs.

SKINSTACKS vitamins are available in five variants: Ageless, Clear, Hydrate, Glow, and Resilient. Its core blend includes vitamins C, A, E, and D3, zinc, and selenium. It has two bonus nutrients that change depending on your goal. These include biotin, astaxanthin, iodine, and other specially designed ingredients.

The supplements are 100% plant-based, sugar-free, and housed in plastic-free sustainable packaging. You can choose among these flavor options: watermelon, peach, tangy cherry, tangy green apple, or mixed berries.

The SKINSTACKS are worthy of the title of first Cool Tech for 2023! We’d love to know what other amazing tech or gadgets you think we should feature!