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Last-minute ideas for a cozy Galentine’s Day 2023

Yes, we know Valentine’s is all about couples, romance, and all that. But we definitely want to celebrate our female friendships, too. And that’s where Galentine’s comes in.

Galentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 13, was coined by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope in the TV series Parks and Recreation. It might be a fictional holiday, but it has gained some traction since the “Galentine’s Day” episode aired in 2010.

And if you’re up for spending the day (or maybe this upcoming weekend) with your favorite female friends and your beloved nonbinary pals, we have a few ideas on what you can do.

Time for a staycation/spa day

If you can take a weekend away with your people, you don’t have to go far. A nice little staycation is a quick way to relax and have fun with your favorite people. If that isn’t possible even a spa day or afternoon, should be a good time. It’s even something you can recreate at home, like a good old-fashioned sleepover.

Things to get

  • A little skincare set like this one* from Innisfree. It’s definitely the best time to trade skincare secrets with your friends.
  • Getting your nails done is also a lot of fun. But have you tried nail stickers? They’re relatively fool-proof and help give you that instant manicure. You can spring for these pricier sets or the more affordable ones to get a feel for them. (The busier patterns are easier to hide if you make a mistake!)

Host a movie marathon or game night at home 

If you would rather stay in, you can host a movie or show marathon at home. Start a new show with your friends or rewatch titles you’re all obsessed over. Maybe even make it a themed party, complete with costumes and even the original soundtrack on blast.

If your friends are okay with getting competitive, host a game night instead. (It can be themed, too.) Have them bring their favorite games and spend the night having fun!

Things to get

  • Movie nights call for cozy blankets like this one. If you’re looking for an excuse to get a new one, this is your sign.
  • Movie nights also make us crave some hot chocolate, so here’s one you might want to get. Or maybe you’re finally looking for an excuse to start making cocktails at home. This kit can help you get started.
  • Of course, how can we forget popcorn? Stovetop popcorn is great, but what about an appliance to help you out?

Start that book club (finally)

It’s finally time to start that book club you’ve been talking to with your friends. Maybe you can talk about your recent favorite reads before choosing the next one to read with your friends. Or you can even do a book exchange and recommend one from your collection to another friend and they’d do the same with someone else (or with you). In the spirit of Galetine’s, maybe a swap of female friendship-themed books!

Host an outfit swap

In a similar vein to the book club or book exchange, ask your friends to bring the clothes they’re no longer wearing but think deserve a new home. And have a fun day of makeovers, drinks, takeout, and whatever else strikes your fancy. A fun adjacent thing to do with these last two ideas is create a music playlist with your friends.

(If you don’t want to think about that but also want to keep in the spirit of Valentine’s and Galetine’s, Spotify has a new Pag-ibig Hub for the season!)

Celebrate Galentine’s by getting brunch

In the true spirit of Galentine’s, getting brunch would be a great idea. But since this is getting posted after lunch, a “breakfast-style” celebration would work. Or really, just a nice meal out (with or without drinks) to catch up with your favorite pals is definitely a good enough Galetine’s plan.

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What do you have planned for today? We’d love to know your plans! Let us know on social media!