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Prinker lets you print temp tattoos on your body

Prinker might not have made big headlines at CES 2023, but you may have seen its tech in action with this new device from L’Oreal. The company also brought its products to the tech show, which we got to see in action and share with you here.

The Prinker M is the newer mobile digital temporary tattoo device, but the brand also has the larger Prinker S you see below. These gadgets can easily apply water-resistant but soap-washable tattoos onto your skin. The tattoos are designed to last up to two days.

Prinker S

The company markets this new model as one built for casual users. It looks like a printer cartridge and comes in this sleek black design with the logo on the side. 

You can easily hold it in one hand and swipe it on the spot where you’d want to put on your new tattoo. Its single cartridge lets you print black and color tats using cosmetic-grade ink. 

The inks are registered with the US Food and Drug Administration’s Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program, the UK Submit Cosmetic Products Notification Portal, and EU Cosmetic Product Notification Portal, making them safe for use.

Prinker offers over 12,000 designs on its app, including artwork from talented tattoo artists. But if you’d rather have your design on your skin, you can upload that on the Prinker App.

Aside from temp tattoos, the company is also working on a new accessory for the Prinker M. It lets you apply fun colors or patterns (think ombre, two-tone, etc.) to your hair. It’ll also still use water-resistant cosmetic ink. And you can wash it off with shampoo. You can expect to see this attachment later this year.

If you just want the Prinker M, that’s available now for USD 269.

Prinker M

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