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Look at this cute Grogu-inspired Xbox controller

The moment I saw the TikTok videos showing the run-of-the-mill Xbox controller skinned in green and sleeved in an itsy jacket—a la Grogu (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) from the hit Star Wars show The Mandalorianit made me want it instantly, even if I didn’t even have an Xbox console to go with it. 

Grogu controller and The Mandalorian Xbox Series S/X bundle

Lucky for me and all of us (at least in Xbox-supported areas), we could take home this cute accessory and matching Xbox Series X/S bundle for free. Microsoft and Lucasfilm are giving away this bundle through an ongoing sweepstakes it’s running on the official Xbox Twitter account.

You’ll need to retweet the specific tweet below:

You have until May 11 to join. The winner doesn’t just take home the cute Grogu controller. They’ll also get the Xbox Series X and S. Side by side, the larger Series X has The Mandalorian himself (a.k.a Din Djardin), while the smaller Series S console has the beloved Baby Yoda on it. Of course, the latter is more green than black. 

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