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Simplest way to free up phone storage space

If you’re constantly running out of phone storage space, this tip we discovered from TikTok user @kaylakerr_. She offers a simple hack for users who regularly take photos and videos on their phones (which is a lot of us). And this is what you need to do:

  1. Open your phone’s gallery or camera roll once a day. 
  2. Then search for or type in the day that it is. This will pull up the photos or screenshots you’ve had for that day in the past years.
  3. Now, you just need to delete or keep what you want. 

Set a reminder so you won’t forget to do this. It’s a smart way to cut down on the phone storage space your photos and videos take up, which admittedly, in my case, is what takes up most of the storage on my phone. 

It’s also kind of like a personal TimeHop into your digital memories.

Here’s a quick video of her explaining the process:


#duet with @Kayla Setting up for today’s shoot and stumbled on this very smart phone storage hack! Also, this is a little Samsung Galaxy S23 in-app test! Recorded in the TikTok app with the phone’s selfie camera! What do you think? #smartphonetips #techtok #littmedia #phonestorageprobs #SamsungGalaxyS23 #camerasample

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Cover image: Lisa Fotios / Pexels

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