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Insta360 Flow: 3 exciting things about this smartphone stabilizer

Insta360 is venturing into the smartphone videography space with its first-ever smartphone stabilizer. On paper, the Insta360 Flow looks like a promising alternative to what’s available in the market. So, we run down some of the features we’re excited about on this new accessory.

Insta360 Flow

Keeps you stable

Say goodbye to shaky, handheld footage with the Insta360 Flow. According to the company, this accessory is especially handy when the electronic stabilization on your smartphone can’t handle the shooting environment. It’s that extra support when shooting in low light, when you’re trying to zoom in, or even when you’re trying to catch up with a moving subject. Its built-in 3-axis stabilization and portable handheld design ensure you can track your subject and produce stable footage even as you move around.

Auto and AI tracking on the Insta360 Flow 

The Insta360 Flow simplifies subject tracking with minimal interference. It uses Insta360’s artificial intelligence tracking technology called Deep Track 3.0, which can follow subjects in real time. And it rotates the gimbal to follow their movement and frame the shots instantly for you.

With features like Person Re-identification and Tracking Recovery, the Flow can track and follow the same person even if they’re blocked from the view or when they move in and out of the frame. It even offers Live Mode for tracking, so if you’re using the Flow during a video call or a live stream, it ensures you stay in focus and in the frame even when you move around. We’ve seen mentions that it supports apps like FaceTime, Instagram, and TikTok.

Insta360 Flow in tripod mode

It even supports hands-free tracking, which can help solo users. Just set up the tripod and use gesture control for the Flow to follow you around.

But wait there’s more!

Speaking of the tripod, the Insta360 Flow has a built-in selfie stick, tripod, and even a power bank. It has an extension rod that extends up to 215mm, which is useful for selfies, group photos, and even cinematic low-angle shots.

If you typically record by yourself, the tripod feature comes in handy. It’s also useful when you want to take a motion timelapse or even a 360-degree photo.

The Flow gets a 2,900mAh battery, which allows this stabilizer to charge a phone while you’re recording. According to the company, it gets a battery life of up to 12 hours. But, of course, if you use it as a power bank, that will drain faster.

The Insta360 Flow also has a built-in cold shoe mount, so you can add a mic easily without using extra accessories. It has a SmartWheel on the device that offers quick and easy access to different functions on this stabilizer—everything from shooting controls to video replay. But it’s also designed to work with the Insta360 app for more shooting and editing tools.

Insta360 Flow charges a connected phone

If you’re new to using a smartphone stabilizer, the Flow has an Auto mode that automatically adjusts settings based on your movements. It also has three other modes accessible via the SmartWheel, including the FPV mode. (The other two are Follow and Pan.) FPV simulates FPV drone-like movements, including a barrel roll.

Insta360 Flow: Price and availability

Insta360 Flow is now available to purchase for USD 159.99. This price includes a magnetic phone clamp, charge cable, grip cover, and protective pouch. The Flow comes in two colors: Summit White and Stone Gray.

We always crave options for whatever product we want to get. And we’re happy to see Insta360 explore this market, making this our best pick for Cool Tech of the Week! What are you most excited about with the Insta360 Flow?