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Loewe makes pixelated outfits you can wear IRL

Spanish luxury brand Loewe brings Minecraft-esque design into this aptly named Pixel capsule collection. If you want to walk around in clothing that makes you look like you came out of a pixelated video game, you’ll have to shell big bucks for it.

The collection starts at USD 590 for a cotton jersey t-shirt with a pixelated Anagram embroidered in front. It then goes up to USD 3,400 for a Small Pixelated Puzzle Edge bag in satin calfskin.

There are pixelated hoodies, shirts, pants, denim skirts, and denim jackets that will surely confuse and attract attention. And Loewe will also pack these premium items in limited-edition pixelated packaging.

While it might be seen as Loewe joining the many high-end fashion brands trying to feed into the Web3 hype, at least, there’s something tangible you can use. There won’t be NFTs that come with the clothes or any access to a digital “community” for the sake of it. 

Instead, the focus of Loewe’s Pixel collection (under the guidance of creative director Jonathan Anderson) is on the clothes themselves. I’m curious how they got the garments to look like that. And I wonder how they actually feel on you. They’re definitely outside my tax bracket, so I hope Loewe gives us more insight into them.

This isn’t our traditional Cool Tech of the Week, but it’s a fun fashion and tech fusion that felt appropriate to label as such. If money wasn’t an issue, would you buy anything from the collection?